Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elder Collins

   hahaha those man vs wild clips of sam were awesome! i couldnt really see a thing but it was still cool. Hey quick question was it Easter yesterday? Or is it this week..Did i miss Easter? I mean i knew it was the holy week but i wasnt sure if it was the same thing. Well this week was just dandy. We actually received a lot of references which was pretty cool. As a zone we didnt reach our goal for baptisms which kind of bummed me out. We were going to do it but everyone just decided to let there dates fall. Chambones! But we are starting out the month with 24 dates so thats cool, its actually really good because the most that this zone has ever baptized in comas is 16. So we were going to have a baptism this week but we realized its going to be conference so we called the dude up last night and asked him if he wanted to be baptized yesterday. He said" well ya i gotta get baptized." So we had a baptism yesterday of Alan Pinto. It was pretty cool. I have two wards and it was the first baptism in 6 months for one of the wards so that pretty cool too. Yesterday in one of the wards an old guy gets up to speak on the atonement...wow. He gave the single greatest history of Abraham Lincoln ive ever heard! haha! it was really funny. I dont know why but the spirit impressed him to talk about Abraham Lincoln. Weird. Well this week i have been thinking a lot more about the Savior being the holy week and what not. I never really have taken a step back and thought wow years ago Christ died this day and then on sunday thinking wow he resurrected this day. My testimony grew a lot more for the Savior this week. I thought a lot about his perfect love and how it would be to have perfect love. How he knew that he had to suffer and die but never was really prepared for what he went through. I had a lot of moments this week thinking about the atonement and in my mind saying thats so cool but then thinking its so real!! Im really grateful for the savior and all that he did. I feel honored to represent him. Im super pumped for conference. Im sure it will make me trunky watching it in english and what not but hey its cool. I love you all a bunch and then some! Have a great week. Love reg

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