Friday, April 5, 2013

Elder Crump

Family and Friends!
So right off the bat, I just want to tell you what's been going on in our area!  So this last week was so awesome!  We have been trying to go visit more members to get references, because we need help.  With our limited time, references are the key!  So we have been really getting to know the ward, and finally my companion is getting to know where people live in our area! Haha,  we went and talked with the Bishop about somethings that we would really like to see happen in our ward.  First off it was the Home teachers, and Visiting teachers.  There are so many less actives in our ward, and recent converts need to get the new member lessons.  So he decided that he was going to talk with them and this Sunday.  Then I was like, hey Bishop, do you know how we could talk to everyone about this?  He was like how?  IN WARD COUNSEL!!  Haha,  then he was like your right, we need to start having ward counsel! Haha,  plus we need to have a class for those new members, GOSPEL PRINCIPLES.  He was like Elder Crump your right, it would help out all those new memebrs! Haha, oh boy, I was just dying it was so funny!  This ward is so great, but they are just a little behind on the program!  So this Sunday comes around, and ALL three things that we asked for happened!  The bishop called a sister to be the Gospel Principles Teacher, we had ward counsel, and after church everyone went out and visited their home teaching families! Haha, it seriously was so aweome!  But the best was what happened in ward counsel.  So we get up infront of everyone, and we talk about the people that we have, and seriously this ward is so crazy! They get so excited!  We talked about this one family, and the elders quorm pres is like, hey he is my FRIEND!  I'll go with you guys!  Then the relief soc. pres is like and his wife, I know her!  I'll go to her house and read scriptures with her!! Haha, it was such a blast!  They all are on board and want to help us!  But what topped it all off, was during testimony meeting, almost 80 percent that went up talked about how they need to change and how they want to help the missionaries. Now we have sweet little old ladies, like 90 years old, offering to come out with us to teach! Haha, I see some big changes coming for this ward!  I'm just happy that we spoke up!

Anyway, with all that, things are truly going great.  Through the members, we are finding more and more people.  Hopefully, this month, we will be seeing so progress and some baptisims!

So yesterday was the Zone Leader Conference, and it was a good one!  For some reason all of the flights from the Jungle came in super late.  There were no other flights, so all the missionaries got here at like 9:30 to 10 p.m.  It was pretty crazy, because we had to get everything all ready and set up, and clean for the next day and the conference!  But hey it was perfect, becuase we had like 14 zone leaders that just came from the jungle, and they just LOVE to mop floors and set up chairs and tables!!  Haha,  It was all good though!  The next day was pretty crazy, because president talked more about the missson Iquitos.  He told them that he will be sending some of the elders with their second suitcase to take to the jungle with them to be in the Iquitos mission.  He did this, because normally when you go to the jungle you only can take ONE suitcase, and you leave the onther one here in a closet in Lima.  But now with this new mssion, all the Elders that are going to be going to Iquitos need to take both.  So president pretty much just told all of them where they were going to be.  For example, he was like um Elder Wilson you need to bring your second bag with you to the jungle and Elder Cruz, um you can bring the bag of Elder White because you will be here in Lima!   Haha, it was crazy!  Things are starting to heat up, but still we dont know much about the new president in Iquitos.  Only his name, and that he is from Mexico.

I'm glad things all went good with Easter!  Haha, it was funny Elder Collins asked me wait it's Easter this week? haha  He got his package mom and he was super happy! haha  So mom I sorry for what happend with the missionaries, stupid baby losers!   Haha, but you know sometimes things come up!  But man did those Elders miss out!  I miss your food so bad!  I have been craving roast and twice baked potatoes!!

Well guys, I am super excited for this weekend it going to be so awesome!  I can't believe how fast this 6 months have flown by!  Seriously, its going to be so cool to see all the progress of the missionary work!!  I'm excited, but nervous, to what the Lord has next for us!! It's so cool to be apart of all this change!  The Lord is truly pushing his work to be done.  As missionaries and memebrs  we need to do all we can to help others prepare for the second coming.  Trust me its coming!  
Family, Friends, I love you guys!  You're all amazing! I loved seeing that picture of Korb and his Baptism of Davey!  What a stud!  Proud of him!  Anyway, today we are going to the Zoo! I'm excited. I'll take some good pictures of the Giraffes for you and me mom! And the monkeys for Hudbud!

Have a great week! I love you all!

All my Love,


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