Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elder Collins

Hello Family!!!! 
  Well  this week we had problems with one of our district leaders. He was a zone leader and so he should know what is expected but when my comp talked to him about some stuff he shouldnt be doing he got mad and has been a punk this week.  We decided to do a visit with him and try to help him make better choices!  It was a situation that we had to be really humble. We just went through everything he needed help with and when he realized that we had nothing to hide and that we were trying to help he got even more mad becuse he came looking for a fight but we didnt throw any gasoline on his fire! haha.
      Im excited Myles is getting his call. Yes as soon as you record it send it to me!! the same day just incase i can get permission to watch it!  I have been telling everybody here and everyone is really excited for him! Im still really sad that i wont see him for 4 years and i still dont think thats fair at all!!

So.................THE DANCOURT FAMILY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! Felipe, Magali and Patrick. It was a good weekend. It was my favorite baptism for sure. I love that family. Hno Felipe and his wife had been fighting and were on the point of separating before we got there. They are just really simple and just love their family and want to be happy together. We got to their baptism like 10 min late because we were bringing another family with us to watch it. When we got their they we all just siting together looking so happy. Everything went perfect with the baptism, and there was a good turn out too. Hna Felipe the dad has another child out of marriage and his ex never lets him take her and he had expressed to us that all he wanted  to have all his family in the church together. When we went to the temple i had fasted and prayed that the Lord would let that happen so that he would get baptized, well when we got to his baptism there she was, his other daughter sitting with him and his other two kids. He just said "i dont know what happened, she just told me to take her with me today" He was so happy to have all his family together. Another cool thing that happened is that after the baptism his mom who has been a less active member came up to us with tears in her eyes thanking us. She said " i have been praying that someone would help my son out, when i heard that you guys were teaching my son and his family i knew Heavenly Father was answering my prayers" She said " My friend told me that you guys were sent by him because only you guys could do it and not even me, his own mother could, thank you!" Wow!!! I felt the spirit so strongly in that moment. I learned this weekend the sweetness of being the answer to someone elses prayers. I dont say that as braging but in gratitude that Heavenly Father gave me that oportunity. 
   I love you all have a great week!

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