Friday, April 12, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey family and friends!
Hows it going? I hope great! So first off,  Kenz I loved the pictures! Haha that little girl, Mia, is too cute! I can't wait to hold her!  Haha, Trev loved the Surfin picture.  i think your liviing out your dream man!
So CONFERENCE RIGHT!  Wow, always so amazing!  Seriously, it's so different out here in the mission! I regret so much as a kid not really paying attention to all of the talks.  Seriously, every talk was so personal and really made such a difference!  As usual, Elder Hollands Talk blew my mind!  And honestly I really like the Talk about Sister Daltons goodbye talk.  I totally new she was leaving, it was so powerful and spiritual.  But the best was the Fire story of President Monson.  It was so funny! haha It was nice we had everything all set up in the offices on the projector!  It was nice we got to watch it in english! It is so much better when its their actual voices!  But the best part was that there is going to be another temple in Utah!!  Haha, I kind of said it as a joke because an Elder from Virginia was like I hope it's in Virginia.  Then, I was like no, it's gonna be in Utah!  Really, what a blessing it is to have so many temples near us!  I do feel bad though, because It is so hard for members of the church who live where there is no temple to go to.  So this is a message for all of us in Utah, we should go to the temple often.  Heavenly Father needs his work done, and we are so blessed that in about a few years we will have 16 temples in Utah.  Speaking of going to the temple, we are going this month but not this week with Reg...But either way, we get to go to the temple, and I am excited! Seriously, I love the temple for 3 reasons 1. We feel the spirit like no other. 2. I always recieve answers to my problems or questions, and 3. I get to turn off my phone, and don't have to talk to anyone all day!!  Seriously, it is the house of Peace!!  I really am so excited, these past couple of months have been crazy, I really just need a day to get back into the spiritual side of the mission. Anyway, overall, I loved conference! And it was so weird because when the Prophet was like until we meet again in 6 months...and I was sitting there with Elder Fenn, and he turns to me and was like, we will going home 2 weeks after next general conference! I was like what, no!  We still have like only 17 months in the mission, he was like um no in 2 weeks  we have 18....that made me feel sick!  Boy, it's too fast! Sorry mom, but it is! But its ok, like I said before, it's my prime time!

Speaking of Prime time, so just yesterday, we found another family! It's the wife of a recent convert that the missionaries baptized before be got here!  She is awesome, but super hard with the missionaries!  She just loves living in the world too much!  She likes the church, and has friends there and loves that her husband and daughters attend, but she says it's not for her....WHAT! so you just want your family to have eternal happiness while you just sit there and i don't think so!  She may be a challenge, but we will work with her!   There also is some problems with not really having support from her family. They are all Catholic, and love to drink and party.  She doesn't want to miss out on that with her family.  It's a little frustrating, but like I said we are working with the ward now, so hopefully we will see some progress! Davis and Mary are doing great, but are just getting all the paper work needed for the divorce. Man it's so stressful, and difficult to get people married here, but like 2 times worse to get them separated! haha 

So mom, I know you are dying, but still no new news on the new mission.  I do know that Presidente Gomez is from Mexico, and they are older like 55 ish. They don't have any kids at home, but I think a few in the mission field.  Hopefully, we´ll see a picture soon.
Hey, so that is so awesome about all the missionary calls! Seriously, there are going to be so many missionaries in the field!  How many will be out just from our ward? I feel like 20! maybe more!  No mom, Russell went to Texas Speaking Vietnamese.  His family is from Vietnam.  

So Vegas sounds like it will be fun.  Hey mom, be careful.  I believe you can do it, just make sure you leave with plenty of time, so you don't miss your plane! Haha,  being here, and sending off Elders on planes, has made me so much like dad I get so paranoid and send people off so early!  But hey, all those years that we laughed at dad, I now understand why he was like that whenever we traveled!  So mom listen to what dad has to say! haha

Well, this P day is going to be a little boring.  I have to get somethings done, and all the others are just wiped out, so we are just going to relax today.  

Well family, I hope all is going well with you guys!  I love hearing about all of your stories and what's going on in your lives!  I am so grateful for all of my family and friends and your support.  The mission, trust me, isn't easy, and no one ever said it would be, but it will be worth it.  I love being here.  It is like no other to step into the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I am so honored to be here doing his work and preaching his gospel. I hope you guys have the best week, and I can't wait to hear back from you guys!
All my Love,


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