Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Elder Collins

Well hello family!
  Well this week has just been dandy out of its mind. Today we are going to the temple, it will be my first time in 17 months! So im pretty happy about that. I loved conference though! The brethren really nailed it. in overtime and everything. I loved Elder Perrys talk and Elder Hollands talk. They just told it how it is which is always great. I also really liked President Monsons priesthood talk. Yes, i got to watch it in English. We had us 4 gringos huddled around a computer screen watching it on internet. One of them even brought popcorn. haha. This week we had interviews with President Blunck. As zone leaders one of us has to go with his wife and do the room inspections so i went with Hna Blunck and checked the rooms and wrote down if they needed things in their room while she checked their english and one of the assistants checked their memory cards. My zone was pretty clean. Nothing of apostasy that we found. One funny and embarrasing thing that happened was the night before that, the assistants slept in our house and i had a picture of Elder Uribe´s girlfriend so i hung it up on the wall for when he got there and he thought it was funny but then i forgot to take it down, then Hna blunck came and she just looked at it and after i explained the situation and that we were just trying to be funny she said can i take that?..So i guess the next morning she went to Elder Uribes office and showed him and said look what i have.. He was kind of mad at me. haha.oops. My interview was incredible! the best one ever. He knew exactly what i needed to hear at that time. I think it ended up being like 25min. When usually its like 5. He just talked about the zone for a little bit and about how grateful he was for me and talked about the importance of baptizing families. It was really spiritual and he just said at the end of it all I love you Elder Collins and im grateful for all your doing. Afterwards i was talking with Elder Ortega about how it went and he told me that that it was probably my final interview with President Blunck!!" NO!!! i was so sad that i didnt realize that. I didnt realize the next time its interviews it will probably be with another president. I was kind of sad after. Well thats the story of this week. I talked with president about if me and Nick can finish together. I know where he will finish but we are not sure about me? So pray that he will receive the inspiration he needs! I love you all. Reg

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