Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Elder Collins

Hello family. Holy Trunky mom!!
  Well this week has been pretty good. Yes, we baptized Carlos, he was really happy and the ward is really helping him feel welcomed. I think the bishop is going  to meet with him on tues to dicuss the possibility of a mission! We have been teaching some pretty good familys.    We are getting ready to marry one of the couples in may, its a little harder because she just moved here from colombia. They are way cool, the Soto family. We have also been teaching another family named the Dancurt family. They are a reference from one of the ward members. They have always accepted baptism but just not a date. They are super awesome, i dont know why but everytime i start teaching or baptize a family they become my new favorite family from the mission. The dad Felipe hasnt wanted to accept a date because he feels like hes not worthy to be baptized because of some old family problems. Well, ive been praying a lot for them to feel the spirit and to accept. Well...they are going to be baptized this saturday!! im super happy. In ward conference they all made plans to help us out. and they even made plans to get them in the temple exactally one year from saturday! I dont know what to think about my zone. We should turn out well this month but im not sure. Also im a little worried about next month because theyre kind of being lazy slugs and arent finding people. Well since im in Lima, Yes mom ill finally be able to skype you guys! The last ones a charm! haha. Im happy Myles is going on a mission and super bummed out that i probably wont see him. Well i hope your all doing well..Saw that the NBA playoffs are going on. totally forgot about that. Wish max would send me some stats. Have a great week, with love and then some Reg
Well there was a killer beer fest party outside my house last night...lets just say im tired haha! 
 Baptism of carlos

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