Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elder Crump

Hello Family and Friends!
How is everything going?  I hope just great!
So this letter is coming just a little bit later than normal, well actually this is pretty normal for me, ever since I have been here I write later! haha  Anyway, we went to the temple today and It seriously was so amazing!  It was just what I needed!  These past couple of months have been so crazy, and busy, it's always so good just to go take a break and turn off my computer and phone!  It was really cool today because when we got there, I saw one of the teens that was from my ward in Tahuantinsuyo that was going through the temple for the first time!  It was cool to be there and go through with him!
So as you guys saw last week, everything got all set up, and the Wedding turned out great!  So this was our 3rd wedding that we have held, and I think we have become experts! It seriously was so organized, and in the end 15 of the 21 families got baptized!  The other 6 were just other couples that participated in the wedding.  But let me tell you we contacted them all!  We set up a system in the church with tons of missionaries from other zones with certain jobs.  We had different waiting areas for the couples to go through with their witnesses, and in those rooms we had missionaries contacting and teaching the people! We had tvs set up playing Mormon Messages and all kinds of stuff like that! It seriously was awesome! Plus we had places where we took their pictures, and we had the families write down their directions so we can send them the free copies of the pictures! So what we did was we printed off all the pictures and we're sending the missionaries to the houses to give them the pictures, and it's just the perfect excuse to enter into their house and share a message!  BOOM BAPTISM!!!  It's gonna be awesome!  But really everything went so good, and we even had other missions come to learn how we do it!  They asked me like how do we actually do it? So it was cool, I was able to take the other office elders from other missions on a tour and explain to them all that we are doing.  And not only missionaries but mission presidents!  One of them was President Borg!  Grandma and Grandpa Crump, I think you guys know him!  They say my name tag and right away asked if I'm from Utah, and I was like yes, and then thinking ok now last time this happened my pensionista told me that my Uncle Kent baptized her!  But they said are your grandparents Sherman and Ardyth?  Haha, so they said they are very good friends with you guys, and worked with you in the Jordan River Temple when they were the temple presidents. They send there love, and were very happy to meet me! Haha seriously, small world!  Anyway, it was cool to give them a tour and now president is having me and another elder write up a history of what we did, with maps and pictures to give to the next mission president and all the other missions. It really was such a great experience! President and Sister Blunck were so happy!

So this week has been great, I found out some more info about the new mission.  Apparently President Blunk is going to be sending the office elders to Iquitos at like the end of May to get everything ready for the new mission.  It's gonna be exciting to see all of the changes! I found some more stuff out and it's pretty crazy, but I still can t say anything yet! Sorry mom and Becky!  But hey, you totally got to tell us when and where Myles gets his call!! 

So Mother's day is the 12th right, so yes I will be able to skype!  And yeah thats ok, I can talk you you guys later in the afternoon.  Just let me know what time is the best for you guys!!  I'm excited! Seriously, time has flown by so fast! I feel like It was just last week that I talked to you guys on Christmas!  Tomorrow to the date, I will have 18 months!! WOW! And tomorrow I have my interview with President Blunck!  I'm so excited, but sad, because it will be my last one!!!  Its going to be so sad to see him go!!

So things went great! We met up with Pedro again, this week we have a lesson with him and his wife, actually tomorrow! I'm excited!  Hopefully all goes well!  Plus the other night, we had dinner with a family and apparently two of the daughters arent members.  They are both older and have their own families.  One is living with her boyfriend and their 2 kids, and the other her boyfriend just left her and her 2 kids.  During our dinner she told us how she wanted to get to know the church for a long time, but her boyfriend always kept her back from doing it.  Now that he isn't there, she wants to do it!  So hopefully everything works out!

Well family I love you guys so much! I'm glad to hear everything is going good!

All my Love,


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