Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Elder Collins

Hey Family,
   How was Anna´s birthday? Hope it was just a great one. Well the temple was just awesome!! I havent been in for so long, i feel like that should be against the rules for a missionary to go so much time without the temple. I was feeling kind of stressed with the zone before we went in but as soon as we entered i felt the strongest peace that i have felt in awhile. I think a learnded a lot more than ever this time too. So on saturday we had two baptisms. One of a little girl named nicole who has been wanting to get baptized for awhile now and the same with her dad but her parents arent married and her mom doesnt want anything right now. So finally we gave in and baptized her..i usually dont do that because i want the whole family but were still going to work with her mom to accept. Also we baptized Nixon, he is a 30 year old guy who started to get to know the church for a girl about 4 months ago and recently decided that he wanted to attend our ward instead of the other one and start learning to really change his life other than just doing it for a girl. he is Really sincere and has a big heart. He was a little hoodlim before but now he is just a good mormon boy. haha. We are working with another kid too named carlos who should be getting baptized this week. I wont lie i am sad that myles doesnt want to wait. I mean its great he wants to go on a mission but really 4 years is a long time! I dont think thats fair. Well i hope your all doing well and having fun. Tell sam i havent forgotten about him haha. Thats a funny dream. I do want to finish with nick so you should keep praying that the Lord sends revelation to Pres. to put us together. I love you all! love reg

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