Friday, May 3, 2013

Elder Crump

Well hello family and friends!

First off,I have the news that you have been all waiting for.  We had a zone conference with all the leaders of the mission and President Blunck finally announced who is going where, and more information about the new Iqutios Mission.  So I have been called to serve in.......IQUITOS!
Whoops sorry, I got so excited when I wrote Iquitos I pressed send...Anyway, I have been called to be the new Personal Secretary in the new pretty much the president said in front of everyone, yes Elder Crump will be going to Iquitos, and with all of his experience he will be there to help the new mission get that means yes i will be finishing my mission in the offices...
But the good news is, I will be in the Jungle!  I am so excited!  But there have been some changes.  So normally we have 4 secretaries and 2 assistants in the offices.  But now with this new change, they are cutting it down to 2 secretaries, and the 2 assistants.  So in both missions there will only be 4 office elders.  I know kind of boring right? But anyway, so that means that I have been given more work to do.. I am now in charge of all the the member records.  So all the Baptisms and confirmations have to come through me, and I have to send them to Salt Lake and enter them in the system.  Seriously, this part I not too thrilled, because I am so bad at filling out my baptism records! Haha, they are so detailed and the directions here are so crazy and even worse in the Jungle!!  Also, I will be in charge of looking for the birth certificates for couples to get married, and now I have to plan the next big massive wedding just like we do here in Lima, but in the Jungle! It's gonna be so much work.  But the cool thing is my new companion is Elder Carter from Vegas.  That's right, I will be the only American with a Gringo companion!  Haha, he is the finance sectretary, and will be taking over what my companion does with all the sick elders in the clinic, and buying all the supplies!  Its going to be so different, but I'm excited!  So right now I am training my replacement, and It is Elder Sepulveda from Chile.  He is already in the offices.  He was just the record keeping secretary, but now he is taking on the Personal sectretary as well.  He is so nervous, because he doesn't really speak to much English, and in this job, its a mixture of Spanish and English all day! He will be just fine.  I'm excited for him! So we are pretty much training each other!  So let's see what more can I say about the new mission...well it's going to be stationed in the center of Iquitos, so we will be set in the city, but let's be's still the Jungle.  The cities are nothing like what we have.  They transformed a chapel, and now the whole chapel is where the new offices are.  They look so nice. Everything is so brand new.  So I sitll haven't heard too much about whats going on with the the new president.  I only hear that he is nice, and his wife really likes to cook...I let's just say I'll be having some good Mexican food!  
So about Reg, I still don't know anything!  It's driving me crazy!  Right now as we speak, the assitants are meeting with the president to do all the changes, and the assistants are going to do all the can to make it happen.  So pray for it! President knows that we want to finish together, and hopefully he will be inspired to do it!
So today we had breakfast at president's house, and it was so good! I miss american breakfasts!  Then we went to this cool place in Lima with president to go see the cool ancient ruins of the Peruvians before the Incas! it was like their form of pyramids! it was cool, we got to climb to the top! But our p-day kind of got cut short today because we had all kinds of problems with a zone in Tarapoto.  Seriously, it was so crazy.  1. A riot began in a place called Yurimaguas which is like 2 hours away deep in the jungle from Tarapoto, so the 4 elders had to come to Tarapoto to wait out the riot.  It's still going on, and it's been a week now! 2. An elder flipped out and punched his companion.
3. An elder found out that the reason why he lost 35 pounds is because he has 40 parasites! 4. Another elder got an infection and they thought it was his appendix, so he came to Lima. 5. All the cilincs in Tarapoto were closed yesterday, and today because it is a holiday there and no one is working! Haha, oh man it was such a crazy night and morning that we had! So 3 elders have come here to Lima to get treated, and one is probably going home for what he did to his comp! Haha, wow it was a lot just from one zone.
Anyway, family I love you guys so much! Next week i will be doing that pre call to plan for mother's day, so mom be ready on monday!  That sounds fine about skyping in the afternoon, there is no problem with me!
It's going to be so weird leaving, but we are doing all we can to help the people that we are teaching.  Hopefully, we will get to see the fruits of all the work we have been doing, but if not I'm glad that we can plant the seed, and in the end the people will be baptized.  
Yes as soon as you get the call, let me know!  Send us the video!  Also, will you send my opening video and of Reg's. 

I guess Myles Mission Peru, Iquitos
Tayor Mission Peru, Iquitos!  I Just got a feeling!:)

I love you guys so so much! Can't wait talk with you! Have a great day!

All my Love,

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