Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elder Collins

Hello family! Hows it all going?
  Well this week was just a jolly "ol" week. It was the last Sunday to confirm before the end of the month so its always kind of stress to see how the numbers will turn out. So we ended up having 18 baptisms but sadly only 15 we confirmed thanks to getting sick or work 3 couldn't get confirmed. The most that the zone Comas has baptized is 16 so we almost beat it. I was a little bummed out because i really wanted to go over 16, but hey we have improved every month so thats good. This month we will get it! We had two baptisms this week. One was the sister of Carlos Hildago who baptized like a month ago and he was able to baptize her. It was AWESOME to see that. The other baptism a really humble guy named Henny Vazquez. We have been teaching him for about a month or so. He is from the country part of Peru. He is really friendly and happy. He lives alone but his neighbor is a member who had been bringing him to church. Sadly Yanina got sick on sunday so she was one of the ones who didnt get confirmed but next week for sure. So we have been teaching a family named the Mejia Family the whole time i have been here. There son is the kid who is on the mission and we told though skype that his family is going to be baptized. Well this Saturday at 7 is there baptism! The ward is really excited for them. We also have another family of a inactive who is activating ( Jazmin) and her husband who has a baptismal date for the 8th (Jhonaton.) They area  great family and love to learn. Sometimes they just call us asking if were not busy to be able to just visit them and have a lesson. They sad its better that watching tv. Jazmin has a lot of questions and worries a lot about being inactive for so long and her salvation. Yesterday i just told her to take it easy and remember that everything will be ok and that through the atonement she can be forgiven of whatever she may have done. They both love the church a lot. Sometimes they google stuff which isnt good because then we have to clarify all the lies and myths about the church. 
   Thats super cool that Araya wrote me on face. Haha. Bout time. Im glad you all had fun at the cabin. Ill take out Crumps money for him but i cant promise ill give it to him haha!! I love you all have a great week! love Elder Reg

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