Friday, May 31, 2013

Elder Crump

Hello Family and Friends!  So first off....MILTON GOT BAPTIZED!! Oh boy, was it such a good week!  He has come so so far! Haha, so to answer your question mom, yes he showed up! haha. I realized that so many missionaries really just try to baptize so many people, and don't really help the investigator receive their own testimony.  That is what happened to Milton.  Before I got here, the Elders just kind of went over the basics with him and never really followed up on his commitments.  Sure he attended church, but he wasn't ever praying or reading his scriptures.  It was hard to let him go, but in the end he knew that the church was true, and he came back to us.  And this time around, he really took it to heart and what a blessing it was to see him.  He showed up nice and early to his baptism on Saturday, and he even brought his mom, and his niece.  It was a very spiritual, and the best was how he goes up in the end and bears his testimony!  Wow, there is nothing like a new member's testimony.  Short and sweet, but drives right into your heart.  I am so happy that we were able to baptize him before we left.  The good news was we took the replacement missionaries to his baptism with us, and we had one last family night on Monday with the new missionaries and Milton and his family.  Plus we have talked with the ward, and they are going to do all they can to help him with the new member lessons.  Plus, it was great, because Julia came to the baptism.  She is the future mother in law of Milton.  She is the wife of Bernardo.  She said that she loved the baptism, and now she wants to listen to the missionary lessons!!  FINALLY! haha, but bummer right when we are leaving! haha, but its ok.
So today is my last day in LIMA!  Wow, it still hasn't hit me!  Tomorrow we will be arriving in Iquitos about 11:45 a.m.  I'm so excited!  Today the 2 new assistants are coming in!  One is from Mexico, and the other is from the States.  The one from Mexico will be the new assistant here in Lima. And the one from the States is Elder Anderson, from Utah. He is a stud, and he is going to be going to Iquitos with us!  It's way funny, because the first day I met him was when I was here in the offices hurt with my knee, haha good times.  But its going to be way funny, because in the offices its going to be three from North America, and one from Columbia!  haha 

So dad like you said it is always hard to say goodbye.  But the worst is, I am seeing all of my converts and members from Tahuantinsuyo, as well. so they all want to say their goodbyes again! It's the worst! But its ok!  They all send their love to you guys!

So like I said this week has been so great! So much to do, but it will all be worth it when we get over there!  

So bad news my card still hasn't come yet...what should we do?  

So Lexi is getting her call tonight  Put down my usual guess Peru Iquitos!

Well family and Friends, I Love you guys!  Next time I write you ill be in the Jungle!

Have a great week!

All my Love,


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