Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elder Crump

Nick will be leaving for Iquitos next week to get the new mission going.
Here is his new address.  Thanks so much for all you support!

Elder Nick Crump
Peru Iquitos Mission
Calle Condamine #139
Iquitos Maynas
Loreto, Loreto


  1. Hi- I found your blog today becuase my brother is serving in the new mission. He was sent their about a month ago to get this new mission started. My brother loves the area, very different from the Lima North mission were he was serving before. However, it's a great area filled with good people, lots of animals and fun adventures. My brother is Elder Henriquez and is in the campo verde rama (branch). I just thought I would share :)

  2. Hello!!
    Your brother is there? That is so wonderful! I am so glad to hear that he likes the area and the people. I will email my brother and ask if he has met him yet, I am sure he has! Where are you from?