Friday, May 10, 2013

Elder Collins

Oye Lo siento!!!
   So...i was suppossed to call you guys yesterday but my comp in the morning decided that he couldnt see so he went to the eye doctor and left me with a ton of things to do. It kind of bugged me that he chose yesterday to take his other pday. It was like 930 and i realized i hadnt even bought a calling card yet and it was too late. but ill call ya today! So this past week we had changes. I stayed here with my comp again! It kind of made me sad because this means that this next change is the last oportunity i have to finish in the jungle. Im praying like crazy. This past week we had zone leader conference. The mission is changing a lot, now there will be sister leaders, not zone leaders but leaders of the other sisters. They also anounced we can write everyone now! Im happy Myles got his call! thats super cool, what part of the Philippines is it? I got really sad when i heard the date, today i got a spark of hope of seeing him before he goes but its only if he is in there 9 weeks and if i finish in the jungle!! Im praying that i do! Well not too much changed in my zone except E. Richardson went to the jungle to finish. The Dancourt family is doing good, they just had there interviews with the bishop yesterday to start making plans for the temple. Well not much more to say. I hope your all good i love you all and ill skype you sunday!!!!! ps. did you see i added you as a skype friend, Love reg

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