Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey how is everything going?
FIRST OFF...........HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORINNE!!  I love you so much! I hope you had the best Birthday ever!!  Your the best!
Wow, this past week has been so great!  We are just preparing everything for the big move! It is so much to do!  There is so much information that we have to copy and bring with us!  So many important documents and files!  So for weeks we have been trying to figure out who the 2 new assistants are going to be, and the asistants that are here have known for a while, but were allowed to say anything yet.  Just the other day they were given the approval to tell me, because I had to buy our flights to Iquitos.  I'm so excited because the elder that is going to Iquitos with us is one of my way good friends from the mission, and its gonna be so awesome working with him!  Seriously, I have known for a while that he was going to be assistant, because he really is such a good and powerful missionary!  He is going to be so good for this new mission.
So to answer some questions:  No I have not yet receive my debit card yet...I think I might starve! haha but really do you guys know when it will come? No, I havent received the video of us opening up our calls, can you send it today?  
So this week we have reallly been focusing on Milton.  We have been working with the whole ward to get everything all set for this saturday!  The ward is so excited! They really have been needing this baptism!  So we met with our ward mission leader!  FINALLY! haha and he is planning everything, and it is going to be an amazing day!  Milton is doing great.  He is excited. He passed his interview and is just waiting down the days!  It really has been so amazing to see his journey through all this. He really has had such a change of heart, and I am so happy that he listened to the spirit and is making this change in his life!
So funny story, so the other day we get this email from Salt Lake saying that 2 missionaries that are supposed to be in our mission finally got their visas, and are asking when they can come to Peru.  Haha, our president was like, um how about tomorrow.  So right away, these missionaries get sent to us. Remember how I said that my companion Elder Hernandez is going to be leaving the offices when we all go, well now that this new missionary came president was like well Elder Hernandez you are going to train him, you both will be leaving for Pucallpa (The Jungle) tomorrow!  What the!!  My comp was so excited!!  So yeah the missionaries got to Lima at about 12:00 a.m. slept in our house and then at 5:00 a.m. my ex comp left with is new son!!  It just happened so fast, I kind of miss him!  But the good news is right away Elder Carter becomes my Companion!  But it was cool, one of the kids that came in is named Elder Valle, he is one of the actors from the mormon messages video "Stay within the lines".  It's the talk of Jeffery R Holland.  Look it up, it's so good!  Anyway, it was funny because when he came in, I was like where have I seen you before.  Then the next day the elder that came with him told me and I was like, What! Thats so cool, because the guy who they baptize in the video was my old seminary teacher, Brother Lomu!  Haha, wow small world!

Well family, I do love you guys so much! Corinne once again big sister happy birthday, you are amazing!  Family I hope you guys have fun in St. George, let me know how it goes!  Give grandma and grandpa a big hug for me!  I love you all so very much!  Next time I write you, I'll be heading out to Iquitos or In Iquitos! Oh I'm stoked! haha

All my Love,

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