Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Elder Collins

Well, Ok i understand so just because i skype you all for the first time in 19 months you think you dont have to write me huh? No its cool i understand. Too much shuffling last night? (Sam) haha.
  Well this week was pretty long. I felt like i had to do a lot of stuff alone because like 3 times this week my comp just went off to do other things that could have waited and left me to take care of the children. I think that i have noticed that the things that are important to him arent as important to me and the things that are important for me aren't so much for him. 
  We had a baptism on Saturday of a little girl named Daryl. Haha Daryl from the office. Classic. She is the brother of the dude who wouldn't let his girlfriend get baptized and then went on facebook attacking us and telling lies then attacking the ward. He came to the baptism and i wanted to punch him in the face but i actually felt sorry for him. Her parents are a little bit crazy but thats ok she still wanted to be baptized. So this week president Blunck officially changed my release date to 8 of october! Of Elder Crump too! Were not sure but hopefully that means we finish together but you still all have to pray like crazy that it happens! This week President Blunck came to our district meeting, it all went real well, he just talked about the importance of planning well. He used really good scriptures and examples.I remember thinking How does he come up with this stuff?! haha. Well not much else to say about this week  It was super cool skyping you guys last night and seeing you after so long. I still dont think i have an accent. I love you all have a great week! love reg
(eating chicken heart)

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