Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Elder Collins

Hello family! How goes it? Well this week was a pretty good week. We went bowling on monday which was pretty fun and the whole zone really liked it a lot. Everyone had a good time well almost everyone theres always one party pooper in the zone. haha. Earlier in the week i did a work visit with one of my buddies in the zone. E. Burleson. Hes way cool and is a really good missionary. I just tried to help him out in his area to find new people. We just did funny contacts all day trying to make each other laugh while contacting. It was a slow week for proselyting. I dont feel like we worked that hard because of having to do papers to get people married in the zone.  On friday we had zone conference with president. It was really good. President talked about repentance, with investigators and with us. I really liked when he talked about repentance with us as missionarys but more than anything the change in us. He showed us a letter that was given to him from a missionary in Thailand for a missionary in our mission with just terrible language a lot of slang and just talking like this kid didnt know he was a representative of Jesus Christ. When President talked about this letter and read some of it he just looked disgusted and talked about the importance of remembering to become like Christ and leave that all behind. It got me thinking about if i have had the change that every missionary should have. Yesterday was pretty interesting to. We were at lunch and received a call from an elder in the zone saying "my comp broke his arm come quick" So we got up there and when i saw him i knew it wasnt broken. " i told him that he just pulled his arm out of its socket. He was so worried it was broken and that he would have to go home!  So we took him to the clinic and sure enough i was right. They popped it back in put it in a sling and gave him a shot to numb it up haha crazy stuff! Well i hope your all doing great and having fun. Its almost summer right? I love you! love reg

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