Sunday, March 17, 2013

Elder Crump

Family and Friends!

How is it going!  I hope great as usual!  So first off HOLY COW!! Corinne and Brady that's gonna be such a crazy, but amazing experience!  But when will you be back?
That is the question most important! 2 years has been a long time, I really miss you guys!!  
So this past week we had Daniel's Baptism! And by far was one of the greatest days in my mission!  He has gone through so so much to get to this point, and he made it! It's incredible to see the work of the Atonement! It works, its real.  We are all so imperfect, but through Jesus Christ, we can become better every day.  When we went down into the water it was like unreal.  It was a sense that just filled my soul.  Right as we were about to begin, he started to tear up.  To see an 18 year old like him cry, you just had to know the spirit was there!  And when he came out of that water, he came up so fast with the biggest smile on his face!  The cold water didn't affect him at all. He had been forgiven and then cleansed of his sins!  It was an incredible experience!  And when he bore his testimony, it was like he had been a member for years!  He really wants to serve a mission, and in one year he can.  I hope he does. He would make such a great missionary!  The sad part was his parents didn't want to come! Only his sister came, who by the way is now listening to the missionaries!  He knows that right now his parents don't want anything, but in time they will come around.  It depends if he helps them, and pushes them!
Well so this week hasn't been too crazy.  Last night we were in the airport until 2:00 a.m. sending home a missionary!  I had to go to help him because he was going home early.  He had to go in a wheelchair, because he tore his meniscus playing soccer!  Man I felt his pain, and I felt so bad for him!  He did not want to go home, he was a little bummed.  It made me realize how lucky I was.  I may of hurt my knee, but the fact that I didn't tear it, saved me from a ticket home!  He is from Chile.  His name is Elder Canelo.  He is from my group and was one of my really good friends.  The good news is he really wants to come back, and if all goes well with his surgery, and he recovers well, he can.  
So new updates about the new mission...I know some more stuff, but Im not allowed to announce it quite yet!  But what I can tell you is that we are already beginning the process buy all the new housing, and buy the new offices!  It's going to be stationed in Iquitos, Iquitos!  Its going to be such an amazing mission.  Hopefully I will get to be apart of it!  I'm hoping that Reg and I will be together so bad!  Seriously, God would not call us to the same mission then not have us finish together! I have faith we will be together.
Well family and friends, I hope all is good! You guys are so amazing! Thank you for your letters and Packages! Mom, I still havent gotten anything for Easter yet, but I'm excited.  So guess what, this Sunday the new assistant is going to be coming in.  So we will have like 8  missionaries here with us.  In the next couple months, we will have like 12 being trained to go to Iquitos or stay here!  Pray that Reg and I will stay together!
I love you guys so much! Thank you for all that you do!  I hope all is well, and I can't wait to hear back from you guys!
All my Love,


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