Monday, March 11, 2013

Elder Collins

Well hey.
   How´s everyone doing? Looks super cold from that video you sent! First off all i would like to say Anna looks way older. In my mind she is still 10, what happened?  The spaz missionary in my zone is a little better he kind of just has the i dont care attitude i go home in two weeks.Maybe ill just slap him around instead of punch him in the face? This week was just jammed packed with meetings on wednesday we had the zone leader conference. That was super fun giving the numbers from the last month. But i just told them what happened and it was all good. I learned a ton at that conference. President spoke a bunch which was awesome and i felt the spirit a lot. We also always eat a ton while we are there. They buy us breakfast lunch and dinner since we are there all day and its always good food too. on thursday i did a work visit with another missionary to help him out while my comp just went to do his imagrations. and on friday we had zone conference with the other zones in lima.President talked a lot about the spirit and using it which was way nice because it seems like we are always talking about new rules or standards.I was with Nick a lot this week. My room here is actually really nice. And a million times better than in rats or cocroches! haha. We have a fridge i dont know how because only in the jungle you can have fridges but we have one so thats awesome. Yes my shoes got fixed so dont worry i really just sent that picture to freak you out. Ive been noticing the difference between here and in the jungle with the people. The people are definitly a lot more focused on the worldly things here its kind of sad.Food, clothes or position in work. Its like seeing the modern Book of Mormon live! Today we are going to play soccer against E Fenns zone. Well i hope your all well and happy love you all have a great week. Loves, Reg

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