Thursday, March 7, 2013

Elder Crump

Dear Family and Friends,

How is it all going!  Well so this week has been one of the best weeks ever!!!  But before I tell you what all went down, mom I hope your proud of me that im actually writing you early...well earlier than last week! haha progress!!  So this is what happened, do you guys remember Daniel from like a year ago.  He was my investigator from my time in Contisuyo!  He was the teen that was 17 and his parents wouldnt let him get baptized, so then we wait for him to turn 18.  But when he turned 18, he broke the law of chastity, so we had to postpone his baptism.  It was such a terrible day, but he need to go through a long repentance process with interviews every 2 months.  So I thought that, hopefully, I would be there for his baptism, but then I got my change.  But during my time in the jungle, he attended church every sunday, read the book of mormon twice and once in english!  Also has read the Doctrine and Convanants, and Pearl of Great Price!  But then I got transferred back here!  So i was super excited, because I had heard that he still hadn't been baptized yet, but then I found out he still needed more time.  So with a lot of patience and a lot of faith the day finally came where he had his final interview....AND HE PASSED!!! The president's counselor gave him the interview and he did it here in the offices.  They both came out smiling, and they said he is all set for this Saturday!!!  And right away Daniel turns to me and says, Elder Crump, your going to baptize me! haha He didn't really ask, he kind of told me! haha It really was one of the happiest moments of my mission! To see someone go through so much! Seriously, we found him over a year ago!  This month make the mark!  He has experienced the gift of the Atonement! And now he gets to make the greatest decision of his life! Seriously, I am so excited for him!!  He is going to be an amazing member, and an EXCELLENT missionary! Seriously, this saturday will be one of the best days ever!! I'll be sure to send pictures!!

So i can't believe Brenna is getting married! Thats awesome! I hope he is a good guy!!  The wedding sounds like it will way nice, hey if you can save me some food! haha  wow Scotty Carter is going to be on the tennis team, that's sweet! I can't believe how old he is!!!! And Max, as wel,l will be in 9th grade!!  Wait, why doesn't he want to go to Alta?!!  Is he crazy!!! haha  Wow, that blows my mind that there will be so many people going out on their missions!!  

So this past week has not been too crazy busy.  We had a special training for all of the Sister missionaries here in the mission.  So we flew them all in from the Jungle, and we put them up in a hotel!  It was super nice, but i got a really good deal!!  Seriously family, we need to come back here.  I have so many connections with Hotels here, and transportation!  We will save like no other!  But anyway it was super funny, we bought like normal rooms for all the sisters.  But what happened was they didn't have any of the normal rooms, so the lady felt bad so they upgraded the rooms for free!!  So in the end, the sisters stayed in way nice suites, and one pair of missionaries stayed in the Honeymoon sweet with a Jacuzzi! Haha, they had a good laugh! They all were like thanks Elder Crump for the rooms!!  Haha i was like um yeah, I meant to do that... Haha, but also that same night all the zone leaders came in for their monthly conference! It wasn't too bad, because we didn't have the changes this week.  It was good to see all the zone leaders again!

SO things are just beginning to heat up here with all the changes!  President just called a new financial secretary to come in and replace Elder Baker!  He is Elder Carter! I was his zone leader in Tarapoto! He is awesome, but still way young in the mission. He only has 9 months!  I'm stoked!  So yeah mom and dad, if you guys want you can meet up with future President Ericson, but i still don't know if he will be my president or not.  They haven't told us where we are going!  But hopefully soon we´ll know!
All the offices elders say hi to you guys, and are super excited for their package!!  Also Elder Uribe who is one of the assistants that talked to dad on Christmas wants to wirte something: First in Spanish: Hola Familia Crump, me dio mucho gusto ver a una familia tan especial como ustedes. Estoy acá en las oficinas disfrutando de la compañía de su hijo Élder Crump, él es una persona muy buena y muy humilde es un gran Misionero, siempre esta dispuesto a ayudar a las personas, es un buen amigo mio. Un día me gustaría conocerles y por eso estoy aprendiendo ingles. Les mando un abrazo gigante. Muchas gracias por todo.
Now in English Hi, Crump Family, I liked to seeing you guys on Christmas. I am in the office enjoying the company of your son Elder Crump, he is a really good person who is very humble and is a great missionary. He is always willing to help other people and is a very good friend to me. I would like to get to know you guys, for that is why I am learning English. I send you all a big hug and thank you for all you do. Good bye, Elder Uribe, xoxo.

Haha, so i hope you guys enjoyed that.  He actually wrote the English part by himself.  I'm pretty impressed! haha  Well family today wasn't really my P day.  We are changing it to Saturday, because today I had to go to Imagraciones ALL DAY!! It was so boring! I had to take like 15 missionaries with me! Im super tired!!  haha
Well family, I dont really have too many pictures to send this week, but I'll still send some.  Next week for sure youll be getting a bunch!  
Family I love you guys so much! Thank you all for all you do! You guys are always in my prayers! Will you tell Hailey Peterson I got her letter, and I'll be send her and Kenzie holmes, and Devon letters!! 

All my Love,


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