Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Elder Collins

Oh family.
    Hmmm...what can i say about this week? Well the conference with president was pretty good. He just taught us a lot about the Lord preparing the earth for the second coming which was way cool, one of the signs that still needs to be completed is the gathering of israel so that means more missionarys. Its way cool to be part of that gathering. He explained that he hasnt made any decisions yet and wont really until june and until then we just have to work. I think its good he had that conference so that everyones not just thinking well im going to change anyway. This week was kind of stressfull. As zone leader you have a lot less time to proslite sometimes i want the zone to be like the celestial kingdom and what not but i wanna baptize too. We have been having a problem with one of the Elders in our zone whos a real..... well hes a child of God. But he is just offended that hes not a leader anymore and just finishing as señor comp. He is just super prideful, ill probably just punch him or something.haha. This week on tues Nick, Richardson, Fenn and I had to go and do immigration stuff the whole day so we were all together speaking English and eating some Burger King.  It was a jolly good time! Well not much more to say about this week. Today we are going bowling so that should be fun and then we also have zone leader conference this week in which im going to take some heat for how the month of feb turned out.(its not even fair i was only there half of the month) I love you all have great week, love  Reg
 hahaha no jokes..the asistants just called me thanking me for how the zone is doing now! I feel much better!  Mom about the pictures DONT WORRY, I already got them fixed, sweet huh? Evidence that I worked! I love You!!!     

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