Thursday, February 14, 2013

Elder Crump

So familiy and Friends hows it going!? I hope great?  So this past week we had the changes, and I have one word to describe myself...TIRED!  haha seriously I didn't sleep for like 3 days!  But for some reason, I always had energy every day!  Seriously, it was so awesome!  But here is how it all went.  So as you guys know president gave us the changes like 3 days before, so i had to go crazy again with all the flights!  And this time we had so many changes, and we got it total of 33 new missionaries! WOW it was a crazy day!  Seriously, and I'm super jealous because like all the new missionaries went to the jungle, becuase we are opening up new areas.  In Tarapoto we used to have 14 missionaries in that area, now there is 18! Seriously, the mission is growing! By June we will be going crazy with the mission work, and we just found out that our mission has the most baptisms in the north west part of South America.  It was pretty cool, because the area was talking about how they love our mission focus...THE FAMILY!  That's all we work on is baptizing families!  And it really makes the difference!  Because when your baptized with the family, your more likely to stay active because you have people to go with you and to strengthen you!  It was pretty cool to hear that were doing good, I'm just excited for what this year has to bring with all the new people coming in.  So everything was just a nut house, but we did it!  It was nice because I had done it before, but this time I was alone!  It was crazy, but we got it done, and presidente was very pleased with our work.
So to answer a couple questions.  No President a scary guy at all, I just feel bad because it was so late, and he works so hard, and so much.  But it really was the only option, and in the end he was very happy, and is glad that I'm doing my job.  This week has been rough in the Missionary Teaching part.  Its been driving me crazy!  I really just want to go teach, and find more people, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices.  Its ok though, i know that these next couple of weeks will be a lot more calm, and we will be able to go back and teach!  And were still working with Milton.  We talked with him and he wants to make the commitment, so we will just have to see if he comes on Sunday!
So i have the best news in the world!  So like i said we had the changes, and guess who got there change!!!!!!  ELDER COLLINS!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel bad telling you before he tells you, because my P day is before his, but i just cant wait!!  HE IS A ZONE LEADER IN LIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited!!  Seriously, seeing him after about a year was the best!  I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug!  Then we got to hang out for a couple hours during all the changes!  He looks good.  He lost a little weight like everyone in the Jungle, but in Lima he sure be getting it back! haha  But really I'm so excited for him! His Area is awesome, and his companion too!  I'll let him tell you guys the rest on Monday, but just know that Los Primos are back in black...pants and white shirts, and ties.  Haha 
So anyway Happy Valentines day! I almost forgot, this day is the saddest for those missionaries!  One here in the mission just got a dear john...yep like 3 days before Valentines day...he cried..poor guy!  But yes mom i did get your package,and ITS LIKE YOU KNOW ME!  Seriously the MAGIC SLUSHY is the coolest thing ever! All the elders in the offices want one!  Seriously they are so jealous!  They want something from Momma Crump! haha, they all send their love!
And Most importantly  i want to say..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well just a little bit early, but hey i love you so much!  I hope you have the best birthday ever. You are the greatest mom in the world, and I am so grateful for all that you do for me. Seriously, it is incredible how wonderful you are, and how much love you have for each of your children.  I am so honored to be your son! I know sometimes I might of been a pain, but i am so grateful for your patience, and your example you have always shown.  Mom your amazing, never forget that.  Know how much i love you, and I wish you the best birthday wishes!
So here is a little bit about my comp.  His name is Elder Hernandez, and is from Chile, yep another one from chile, he is my 5th Chileno companion! haha but its kind of funny. Because what really happened is his dad is from Venezuela, and he married a lady from chile, and then they moved to Venezuela, for a couple years, then Argentina.  Then right before my comp was born, they went to the United States for about 2 years, and just before my comp was about to be born, they moved back to Venezuela.  So he almost was a Gringo.  He lived there for 5 years, then they moved to Chile, and then Argentina.  Then right before his mission he went back to Chile, so he came into the mission as a Chileno...haha but really i don't know what to call him.  Haha, no but he is awesome.  Elder Ferreryra, my ex comp, actually trained him! haha it was a crazy story! What happened was he actually was here in the mission, but about a month into the mission he had to go home to get surgery and couldn't come back for 9 MONTHS!  Wow, so when he came back he got trained by Ferrerya, then after about 2 changes with him he got put as District Leader.  Then when he hit his 5 months he got made a ZONE LEADER! He was the youngest zone leader in the mission! It was awesome!  So i have know him for a while.  When i heard he was going to be my comp, oh boy i got so excited and so did he!  Its gonna be awesome with him!
So family and friends, I do love you guys so much!  Everyday, even to this day I learn something new!  It doesn't matter how long you have been in the mission or where you are at or what position you have we need to stay humble, and be willing to learn.  I have learned and infinite amount of patience.  I thought I was a patient person before but it is nothing compared to now.  I know this next change will be great, and I'm excited that i get to see my cousin now!

All my Love,



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