Thursday, February 7, 2013

Elder Crump

First off happy birthday Korban!!  I hope it was a good one buddy!   Im still waiting for your letter! haha.

Well family this week was a good one.  The only problem is Milton still didnt get baptized!  It was frustrating.  We met with him the night before to plan everything out, and he was excited and ready.  But then we get there in the morning and he isnt there then we get a call, and he got called into work at the last minute, and he isnt going to make it! AHHH!!  I was pretty sad, but were going to go and plan for hopefully this next week!  We really just need to help him understand the importance of the Sabbath day.  It really is the Key out here. So many missionaries baptize just to baptize, but if they aren't truly converted or understand why we need to come to church every week, then what's the point.  That is our goal this week for him, to help him make the  decision to keep the sabbath day.  Until he can do that, i don't think he will be baptized.  But i have faith that Heavenly Father will help him and if all is right, he will be baptized soon!  
Family, Friends, i hope all is well.  This past week has really been quite crazy.  So the other night at about 9:30 as i was just about to shut down my computer and go back to the house, I get a email from the Airline company here in Peru saying that one of the assistants flights has been canceled for there flight in the next morning to Iquitos.  I was WHAT!!  HOW?  So right away I get on the phone and start to call. I waited on hold for about a 45 minutes until someone finally answered!  And there answer was...Um i don't know! Haha, oh man i was nervous.  So then i got transferred to another line waited about another 20 minutes or so, then i received the horrible news that not only the assistant's flight got cancelled but President's and His wife's as well!!!!!!!!  As you can imagine, i was freaking out!!!!  So i hurried and got back on the line calling to figure out what happened, and finally someone had an answer for me.  The plane that was originally scheduled to leave broke down, and they are doing repairs.  There isn't another plane to take it's place, so that whole flight just got cancelled!  But the real problem was is President had important meetings that day and needed to be in Iquitos early.  So the lady told me the next flight to Iquitos would leave at 1 pm!  I felt so sick because that's when his first meeting started was a 1 pm!  So i got to talking to the assistants on what we should do.  It all came down to i had to call President and tell him what had happened, and find out what he wanted to do.  But i might add, it was about 11:45 p.m. at this time!  I was so nervous! I really didn't want to call.  So i went into the other room said like 10 prayers, and then called him.  Yeah i totally woke him up and explained to him what had happened.  It was ok, he was happy that i called him right away.  He chose to take the 1 pm flight.  I apologized again for calling so late.  So yeah i got it all taken care of, but i still felt bad for waking him up.  But the good news is, he called me the next day at about 7:00 a.m. thanking me for my work that im doing, and is grateful that i was here and am doing a good job.  So it all turned out to be good, and everyone is happy.

I'm glad things are going good for Lexi.  She is a wonderful girl and deserves to be happy.  She is smart, and what ever she decides it will be the right one.  She knows how to put the Lord first in her life, and he will help her in whatever she chooses!  Tell her I miss my best friend, and still waiting for a letter.  It's been too long!
Well family and Friends, i hope all is well!  I am so glad that Mia is doing great and recovering.  She sounds like such a sweetie!  I want pictures please!  Im going to be sending out letters today!  So friends, Kenzie Holmes, Hailey, and Devon, and many others you'll be getting a letter soon!
Today we are going bowling! I'm excited!  I'll let you know how it goes mom! Haha

All my Love,



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