Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Elder Collins

Ya Pues...
   Well this was a dandy week! We had a baptism on saturday and i also baptized an invetigator of two other Elders in my district. Almendra Chavez was baptized, she is the daughter of Hna Lijia and the sister of jefry who we baptized about a month ago. Now the family is complete! She has actually changed a lot in the past month or so that she has been learning. She used to be somewhat of a bad child. A problem for her for awhile was that she didnt think that she could be forgiven. But she is all good now and is happy and her mom I think is more happy than her. This week was kind of hard with my comp. He has really changed the last 2 weeks. I dont know what is going on. We went to the bank to get our transport money and he decided that he wanted to keep half of it for his personal transport (when he doesnt feel like walking or if its hot outside.) I just kind explained to him that thats not how the transport works and that the money he has is sacred and is tithing of someone else and just using it like its nothing is wrong. He tried to tell me his health is bad and his legs hurt and he heard thats sign that your kidneys are bad? He just kind of started murmuring like a child or like laman and lamuel. I just told him look maybe you dont understand but you have a family or church members paying 400 dollars a month so that you can be in the mission and you need to respect this money as tithing and remember your legs are for the lord right now. He just got upset mumbled some things under his breath and got quiet. But its all good now. I just think he needs to mature (even though hes 27) and I probably could be a little bit more chill too. (maybe walk slower?) Finally one of the family's that we have been teaching attended church this week. I think that with every lesson we had with them this week I tied church attendance in. They are Denis and Gloria. They are married so thats awesome! Were just working to put some baptism dates down now. Funny story for this week, yesterday we were singing the hymn while preparing the sacretment the lady leading the hymn just stopped everyone and said we needed to start over again because no one was following her! I was like what the!.... haha. Well I love you all have a fantastically magical week. Loves reg


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