Monday, January 7, 2013

Elder Collins

Well to start off the typical rumors of the day of changes. Ive been told im staying in my area. I was kind of hoping to leave and change areas but i guess ill live. I wanted to see Crump. Sounds awesome that its cold right now! i dont even remember what cold is..this last week i completed 9 months in the jungle! wow! This week we had a baptism of a younger guy, Freddy. We have been teaching him for about a week and finally dunked him. We got to the chapel with him and no one is there! Then we look in the font and there isnt water! The ward mission leader finally came after an hour of waiting with the key to fill the font. Asu!! So i had buckets going crazy trying to fill it up faster. This week ive been working really hard to find familys, its just so hard to get them all to attend church because there is always something and here in the jungle if you have a cold your pretty much done for and they think they have to go to the emergancy room. Really though here its like the smallest illness or papercut and your a dead man. Also there is always a fruit that can cure it! im always joking about that it someone is sick i just say hey rub some coconut on that! Hey un favor. Tell trish to tell nick that its his solem resposibility to let me know if im changing, he knows all the changes like 1 week before because he has to book the airline tickets. Well not much else to say. Love you all!

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