Sunday, January 27, 2013

Elder Crump

Ok so sorry yesterday, i didn't really have time to write. So yesterday was p day, and we had a plan to go to the temple.  But we weren't going to go until the afternoon, so i thought well i will have plenty of time...oops sorry i was wrong.  So what happened was i got a call from from one of the members from my old ward Tahuantinsuyo inviting us to their family sealing in the morning!  So what happened was there was a kid in Tahuantinsuyo named Jefferson, and he was never really active, and neither were his parents.  But we always dragged him with us to come teach, and he slowly became active.  Then he became a seminary teacher, and was just plain active and awesome!  So about 2 months before i got changed, he got his mission call to Areiquipa Peru ( Arie key puh)  That's for you mom, haha  anyway it was so awesome to see his change, and for him to decide to go on a mission!  So then i got changed to the jungle, and then i came back to the city like a week before he left!  Talk about perfect timing!  So i got to say goodbye to him, and he headed off to the CCM.  But the cool thing was his family started to get back into the church once he got his mission call.  So while he was in the CCM, he got permission to be able to go to the temple with his family to be sealed, and he asked if i could come!  It was so perfect, because My companion Elder Paucay used to be in my area before me and the family used to be his pensionista, so they wanted him to come too!  So we got permission from President Blunck to go early to the temple to go see their family get sealed!  If you think a baptism is great, just wait till you get to see a family get sealed for all time and eternity!  Wow, words cant describe it!  I know i didn't baptize the family, but I'm glad we were able to help them get back into church, and more importantly help his son get out on a mission.  It was so awesome! He just broke down and got emotional and just went off thanking me for all I did for him! Seriously, it was one of my favorite experiences!!

So after the temple session we still had to wait for all the office elders to come meet us, and then we had another session at 1 pm. So then we did a temple session with all the elders, which was awesome!  So while were were finishing, we find out that there was a young couple from Cusco who were there for their first time, and were getting married and sealed right after the session.  So we were about to leave, and then we find out that they were alone.  None of their family had come with them, they are the only members.  So we asked them if we could come in and watch their wedding, and they were both like YES!!! They were so happy! So we went in and got to watch a random family get married and then the best part was their little daughter came in and got sealed to them! Wow! Seriously such a spiritual day!  So i was in the temple from about 8 am to 6 pm!  It was the best day ever! But the best part is i had my phone turned off all day! It was so nice to have a break!  Because even on P day i still get calls, and i still end up working.

So that was my story, but how are you guys doing.  I hope great!  Kenzie, I can't believe that little girl hasn't come yet!! I can't wait to see her! 
So that is awesome that McCall's brother got his call!  Um, I don't think I will see him, because he is in the East Mission, but maybe! He is going to the part where its higher altitude.  But I have some friends in the East mission!  Spencer McGee just got home from there!

So mom, Yes i did get my last package!  Thank you so much, It was very much needed!  So mom, don't worry im not loosing weight, I'm eactly the same!  I gained weight in jungle, but here for some reason nothing is happening!  I am sitting down most of the day, so you would think i would gain weight, but NO!!  Anyway dont stress out mom!
So the mission is going through some big changes.  So everything I learned from Elder Wilson, is different.  We have to change all our codes, forms, and our paperwork for immigrations.  It's crazy here now, but its going to calm down soon.

So things are going great with Milton! He passed his interview and his date is all set!  I'm so excited!  We're going to to it this Sunday before church, because he has to work like all of Saturday!  But things are gonna get pretty slow in these next couple weeks in our teaching, because my companion went in to the hospital to have surgery today!  I guess he has been sick for a while, and he had to go get something removed...I don't know what that something is, but it was making him sick and it was hurting him.  I think its something personal, so I'm just gonna leave it at that. So I've got to be with him while he recovers, and I'll go on a couple companion exchanges with the assistants and the other secretaries.  Hopefully all goes well, and my comp will be able to recover and we can get back to normal!

So another story...sorry this might be a long letter... but anyway, so today we had the doctors come in today.  They can't speak Spanish, so I had to translate for them.  But really today was so crazy, because we had like 5 missionaries come in today to talk with them, as well as President had a bunch of interviews today.  it was so crazy here!
But anyway i have been getting way involved with the medical stuff, because i have to translate every Friday and now I'm in charge of the Sick missionaries in the Jungle.  
It's actually interesting, but sorry mom i don't think i want to be a doctor, but who knows....

Anyway family and friends i hope all is well with you guys! Sorry it took so long to respond! But i hope mom didn't stress out too much! haha

All my Love,

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