Monday, November 12, 2012

Elder Collins

Wow i want some snow!! my face got fried this week, really the sun is so strong right now. I think that means its preparing for big rain storms. Well a little bit about this week. The single mom that we baptized kind of went crazy this week. We went to her house to pick her up for church and she said, i knew this would happen, im not always going to church! other things in my life are more important than God! then she went to her room and blasted her music so she couldnt hear us. I just left her a note saying you know what happens when we keep the commandments and when we don't. The way your acting by going into your room to ignore us isnt appropriate and we hope to see you in the church. Haha kind of ridiculous. I was just doing paper work for two weddings that we are going to have on the 23! Im pretty excited about that. Everyone is putting up their christmas trees and lights and it makes us a little trunky. There is a family the poblete family that we have been teaching them a lot this week. They are awesome! they came to church the past two weeks for the full 3 hours. Yesterday they asked how they can improve as investigators. haha never had anyone ask me that before. Well not much else to say. hope all is well and that your shoveling the side walks. Loves for everyone. Love reg

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