Monday, November 26, 2012

Elder Crump

Wow.  That is really about all I can say for this  It was AMAZING!!!!  Seriously it truly was so awesome!!  We married a family!!!!  It was a LOT of work, but everything all worked out!!!  So everything was going all good, we had hired the mayor of Moyobamba to come to Tarpoto to do the wedding.  Because if we do it all in the city hall, its a lot more paper work, and we have to wait like a month.  So lucky us we have a member who is the mayor, but he lives in a city about 3 hours away... so we had to pay him to come.  So everything was going great, so we got to the chapel early to get everything all set up, and then 10 am came around, and the mayor, the members, and the family wasnt even there!!! It got to be about 1030 and we were getting nervous!  It was only my comp and me our pensionista, our ward mission leader, and the elders quorm president!  So i took a moto taxi to their house, and they were still getting ready!! I was like come on we can finish in the church!!  They didnt even have clothes for their wedding!  A lady lent her dress for the bride, and the groom is wearing my shirt, and my tie!! haha  But anyway, we all got to the church, and members started to show up, but still no MAYOR!!!!  I was nervous because he was about 2 hours late!!!  And he didn't want to answer his phone!! Boy it was stressful, because at about 1;30 we needed to leave the church becuase there was a big activity for the relief society!!!  So finally at about 12 30 the mayor showed up!  Haha, I had to hold my comp back, he wanted to say some words but i covered his mouth! haha but it was all good the wedding turned out great!!!  They were so happy!!!  And their kids too!!!  So  then later that night we Baptized them!! I baptized mariela, and my comp baptized jorge, the single dad!  So in this night we baptized 2 families!!!  And this friday were going to baptize diogo, and another kid named alex!  So if everything goes all good, this month we will baptize 5 people with 3 families!!!!!!!!  Im so excited!!! 
So as you might of guessed, im tired... haha seriously this week was one of the most stressful, but amazing weeks!  We are happy, but a little sad, because in our zone this week 7 baptisms fell through.... the elders are great, but they just need to verify with their investigators better.  It was sad, but it taught them a good lesson, that they need to work work work, and always verify with them!! 
Family, thanksgiving was so great! We went to this 5 star hotel in the middle of the jungle, Named the Rio Shilcayo, Hotel.  It was awesome!! He was there with one of his sons and their grandkids!  It was an anwesome thanksgiving!  Family,  Im so grateful for you all.  You are the greatest family ever, and I love you all so so much!  Being away is hard, but im not going to lie, baptizing families, and helping them enter into the kingdom of God makes it all worth it! I cant say it enough, but I LOVE BEING HERE!!  Its a whole other world, but i love it! 
Sorry I still dont know much about christmas, and still no packages!!!  But ill keep a look out!!
I love you all so so much!! Thank you so so much for all you do!
Have a good week,  And i ll try to send pictures!!!
All my Love,

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