Monday, September 17, 2012

Elder Collins

Wow baby what a crazy week. haha sorry i didnt really write a whole lot last week. Richardson is in iquitos too so we were talking the whole time. I told him my mom will probably punch him if i do that again. Well at the beginning of the week we had conference with president and the other zones in iquitos. It was a good old time. I really love my zone it seems like im in the most animated zone. Hna blunck cooked banana and chocolate chip bread for the birthdays in sept. I got one all to myself and it was heaven! So this week ive been working so hard. I got a lil frustrated this week because im just so sick of teaching little kids and teens. I wanna teach familys. I think that my comp had got into a bad habit of just being satisfied with teaching 14 year old girls and 10 year old boys. For me its awesome and its a blessing to have people teach and baptize but it does nothing to make me feel like i can say to myself " Hey reg, NICE" So ive been just looking for families. This week we were supposed to have 3 baptisms. We only ended up having one of a little boy. One we had to postpone a week because of financial problems that he has and the other came to her baptism and all the ward and her friends from the ward were waiting there and she said "um i dont believe in joseph smith, i dont wanna be baptized" AHHH Crap! well last night i did an exchange with Elder Sanchez and we talked to her and had an awesome powerful lesson. What happened is two things 1 is that the elders before i came didnt teach her well and 2nd she had heard some bad rumors about the church. All is well now and she has another date for the end of the month. Well this morning was one of the craziest mornings of my mission. Im just sleeping away and at 530am i hear gringo! collins collins Gringo! Elder sanchez comes running into our room "Collins my comp is gone!" his comp went A-Wall and left with all of his stuff during the night. We still dont know where he is and we have been looking all day and i waited at the airport for 3 hours to see if he would come. I honestly cant believe that he just left without saying anything. Crazy stuff! Well thats it loves! reg

P.S. Hey mom I conquered your worst nightmare!!!!!!!

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