Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elder Crump

WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How great is that!  Corinne and Brady are married!! FINALLY!! haha but really im so happy for them!!! I wished i could of been there!!  Everything sounded like it went perfect!  I cannot wait to see the pictures!!  And yay!! Im so happy you got my package!!  So, super funny story!  The day of the wedding we had a conference with all the missionaries in our mission in Lima.  So at the end the president always gives us time to bear our testimonies.  So this day i was happy, but obviously a little sad, because i wanted to be there for the wedding, but really i was just happy.  So my comp got up, and bore a strong testimony, and said some really nice things about me, and in the end he said... ¨I know that Elder Crump loves his mission.  I know that he loves the Lord, and wants to do all he can to serve him.  Even today we can see that he is happy, even though right now this day his sister is getting married in the temple.¨  EVERY SINGLE MISSIONARY WAS LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOO!  She´s married!!  Nooooo!  Haha everyone has seen pictures of our family, and pretty much Corinne just wrote a Dear John to all the missionaries in our mission!!  Haha it was so funny!
So this week was awesome!! Not only did we have a mission conference with president, but we had an APOSTLE COME!!!  Elder D. Todd Christopherson!!!!!!!  It was so awesome!! Friday we all went to the CCM with all the missions in Lima!! So i got to see a bunch of my friends from the MTC, and best of all, i saw SPENCER MCGHIE!!!  Ill send a pic!  It was such an awesome day!!!!!  Elder Christopherson did such a good job!! It was a perfect day!!!!!!!!
So this week we committed 2 more people to be baptized!  SO we have 4 right now preparing, but we are having a problem with getting them to come to church!!  Hopefully they will be able to come this week, so they can be baptized!  So this week we also found 9 new investigators, and a new family!!  Seriously we are so busy all the time!  We have so  many people we are teaching now!!  Its so crazy!! i love it! 
So cool story!  I went contacting with one of the members in the ward, we were on divisions, and we knocked on this one door, and found this little old Lady named Símon.  We we taught her, and we came back the next day, and a neighbor saw us, and came in and wanted to listen too!  So we taught him as well!  So we came back a 3rd time, and we found her two daughters, and we taught them as well!  haha and seriously the spirt was so strong!  Everyone was in tears!  They just stopped us and said seriously what is this!  I have been wanting this feeling forever! I have been wanting this peace!  And its coming through you two!  They all said that they have been praying for this peace, and they have been wanting it. So we committed them to be baptized, and they all said yes!! Im stoked!!  It was such a good week!
Plus we did this service project this week.  We knocked out our windows and put new ones in.  The guy that was helping us, we invited him to eat lunch with us, and we invited him to church, and he came, with his girlfriend who just had their baby.  He is only 18 and so is she.  But, she is a member!  So they brought their baby in to church and the bishop gave him his baby blessing!  Then after  we met with them and taught them, and he wants to learn more!! Seriously, this week was so amazing!!
I am so glad that everything is going well at home!!  I love you guys so so much!! You all mean the world to me!! Im so jealous about the US open and the Yankees game!!  I can't wait to see pics!!
I love you guys! Thank you for everything!!!
All my Love,


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