Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey Family! Well im in iquitos in the zone 9 de octubre! Its all
great! My comps name is Elder Maldonado from Honduras. He is nerdy
somewhat awkward but i love him! He loves pokemon and stuff like
that. He is going to complete 5 months this week so he is still kind
of new. Its kind of funny because he gets really nervous when he
contacts or if we are teaching a family with a teenage girl. But hes
great and has a lot of desires to work so thats good. I dont think he
ever remembers my name because he is always calling me Companion. We
live in an area called Secoya with another companionship. We eat
together with every meal. The other missionary the district leader is
awesome! Hes my buddy. Hes actually really famous. Before his mission
he was in a famous boy band group called grupo 5, google him. His name
is manuel sanchez. We live in the house of the bishop but i never see him,
he´s always working and quiet.The room is a little less nice but we have
running water to take showers so thats a bonus. Its like living in a
basement thats not finished.
Well when i got here there was nobody to teach! i mean nothing! There
was one baptism date for a little boy of 9 years. Well one week with
Elder collins we have 5 baptism dates with one family my pride moment!
Our pension family is awesome. They are
super nice and friendly and are way funny. Tonight we are going to have a lil party
for the little daughter of our pension and for me with cake!! ya baby.  My birthday was pretty
good. Pretty much the same as any day. I actually forgot it was my
birthday and we were just contacting and i was super tired but just
kept going then i realized its my birthday and i wanna buy some
icecream. Never did though. My pension couldnt find cake but she
bought me some jello. But i was lucky because the zone leaders gave me
my packages on my birthday so that was awesome. haha max! in his card
he swore! way funny. At night the bishops wife brought me cake and was
upset with me that i didnt tell her it was my birthday. Well i cant
think of what else to say.  Love you! Reg

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