Monday, August 6, 2012

Elder Crump

Hey!! How is everyone doing!! So good to hear from you guys!! So i bet you guys are justc going crazy right now with all the wedding, and Baby stuff!! haha that is so great to hear about the wedding!  SO fast! I love it!!  I cant wait to see the pictures!!  Wow that is so sweet that Brady found a suit for 20 bucks!! Nice!  haha i bet they looked so great together!! Corinne is beautiful, and Bradford...we he´s got nice eyes! haha ( I know corinne will be laughing at that!)  But anyway!! I so happy for all of you!! And I cant wait to be an uncle again!!! 
So this week was so so so great!! We had my favorite, but hardest sunday....Fast sunday!!!  Its so hard, but so worth it!! For those of you who know... I like to eat...all day... and when i have to wait a full day without food, oh boy let me tell you its rough!! haha but really its so amazing the blessings we can recieve through fasting!  When we got to church, about 7:50, ten minutes before the sacrament, we found four of our investigators!!!  They were early!!!!!  They beat us to church!!  Also James and his dad were there as well!!  2 of the investigators that came both have dates set and are preparing!!  Doila for the 11th, and another investigator we found, named Allcides, who has his date set for the 18th, and has come to church 3 times!!!  How great is that!!!  Not only did we have success on sunday but throughout the week!! We found, 10 new investigators, and a family of 5!!  It was so awesome!!  We are working so hard!! Everyday we have plans!!  Our Planners are full of appoinments for the next week!!  Im so excited!!  We also have invited 3 others to be baptized for the 25th of this month, but were just waiting to see if they come to church! They all have acepted, but just need to keep their commitments!!!  Also sunday, we recieved 4 references from members in the ward!! And three of the references came to church!!  It seriously was such a good week!!
So my comp is awesome!! He his from Santiago Chile, the same as fonseca, but he is so different from fonseca!! I love it!! haha  He is doing great! He is in this program that we do every morning, that has certain topics he needs to study during his training, and has challenges he needs to do everyday in the field with the investigators, like invite someone to be baptized, start the lesson, and contact someone alone.  Things like that.  But everything is going great with him!  Im glad i have patience...well almost all the time!! haha  he is like a little kid...seriously!! Haha but he really is so great!! Has a big heart!! and wants to help!! haha things are seriously going great!  My son will be the next assistant!  Haha he has a love for the people, but still has a lot to learn, but hey thats why im here right!! But really im just so happy that i get this opportunity to do this!! Im so happy!!
So Mom, yes, the card works, and i cut up the other!!  Did you guys get my package yet?  I sent it 3 weeks ago!  Keep and eye out!!
So how are trev and kenz doing?  How is her pregnancy going?  Work? School?  haha  i seriously am so happy for all of you!  Im sad that i cant be there, but there isnt anywhere else i would rather be!!
Ha, ha dad im sorry !! Of course your only 49!!  You dont look a day over 21!! haha im glad everything went good!!!  Thanks for the update in the olympics!!! USA BABY!!!  haha how is Peru doing?  haha
Well, i love you guys so much! im so grateful for all of you!! Sorry Grandma and Grandpa I didnt have too much time to write today, but you will get an email next week!! Thank you so much for your emails!!! They are so great!!
Hey, good luck in all the wedding plans, and the baby plans!!!  I love you all, and am so proud to be your brother, and your son!!!
All my Love,

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