Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Elder Collins

Hello family!
   Well hows everyone doing? Thats super cool that myles is all graduated and swimming in lake powell. I remember we waited forever in the parking lot trying to get out of there. Well i wouldnt be me if i didnt ask if he got to eat a Ridigios Grill? hahah! Thats cool that he got to meet his mission president ( Ya esta chupando las medias Huh?) So sams video that i took of him dancing when i skyped you guys is pretty popular and they are requesting another one.
    Ya pue, its been pretty cold here the last week and i have a cold, would you believe that? Not very fun. Well on Saturday Hno. Jhonatan Savaleta got baptized. He definitely was prepared by the Lord, his testimony that he gave was really strong and was asking what do i have to do to get a calling haha. You know your converted if your looking for a calling..a little different from utah. I have definitely been blessed lately with the Lord helping me with the baptisms. We got 8/4/2 this month which is the goal of the mission. Ive been trying to work harder to keep going and to reach my goal that i have. We had zone leader conference this week. While President Blunck was talking he called me and my comp up in front with him. I thought he was going to correct us on something or maybe chew us out a little but he said "they didnt know i was going to call them up here but i have been watching there zone and these two zone leaders are the examples of proactive missionarys and leaders" WOW. I was really surprised with that. He had us share experiences and answer questions from the other zone leaders. He said in the last 4 months Comas has improved the most than any other zone. It made me feel really good. As a zone this month we already have 15 baptisms with 4 families. The record for comas is 16 with 3 families, we still have 3 weeks to go before the month ends and we have something like 15 more baptismal dates. Im really excited how the zone has gotten soo much better. So this week the assistants and president are going to do the last changes before the missions split. Im nervous. I want to go to the jungle so bad. President knows i want to go there too. If i go it would be on the 17th i think. Thats why i have been working so hard to be able to leave my area and zone behind to be the strongest its ever been. So pray for me a lot huh? I got a letter from Sisinio and his family and they have been praying that i go back too. Well thats pretty much all thats happen just hoping to go to the jungle. I love you all have a great week Love reg

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