Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Elder Crump

Hey family and friends how is it going?

Wow, first off congrats Lex on you call! How crazy is that it's the Philippines!  You will be great!  Don't worry about a thing, God sends his missionaries where they are needed and those Philipinan people need you!
So this week has been so great!  I'm in an area called Castañas.  It's a great ward.  We have 6 missionaries in it though! haha  What happened there was two wards but both were pretty weak, and didn't have great attendance so they combined the two wards which made 4 missionaries 2 sisters and 2 elders.  And then they just kind of put us in with them.  It's been kind of rough because apparently the two wards didn't get along.  So the change has been a little hard for the members, and some aren't coming to church which is stupid.  It's the same church, it just has some new people in you ward.  But anyway, some of the members are a little cold to the other missionaries that weren't in their ward to start with.  But they love us, two white kids that are new to Iquitos. haha It's so great, they all have been pretty helpful and really want to work with us.  We have been given many references and hopefully this next week, we will be seeing the fruits of it.  We are really working hard to gain the confidence of the members and work with the leaders.  It really has been paying off.  
So a little more about my area, like I said it's near the offices, but it's also near the river.  So part of our area is the jungle swamp, where you need to walk on planks to get to the houses.  Its so awesome.  But kind of sketchy at night, I took a picture, but I'll send more later. So we have found  some people, but none of them came to church.  So this week, we will really help with them with that.  That's the problem here, everyone is so welcoming and they let you in, but they just don't really progress.  But no worries, all will be well.
So the offices still aren't ready yet.  They take Mormon standard time to a whole other level.  It's Peruvian time.  When they say 3 p.m. they will arrive at 5 p.m. or 6.  It's the same with days.  They told us the offices would be done like 2 weeks ago, and they still haven't even ordered the computers or desks.... haha hopefully they come in soon, we need to get things ready!  But hey while were waiting, were gonna take advantage of the free teaching time!  So I am in the Zone Iquitos.  It's been pretty awesome.  We have a pretty big zone and everyone is way excited to work.  It's funny, because in the zone, it's the ex assistant the 2 new assistants the 2 secretaries and like 2 ex zone leaders.  Its super funny for the Zone Leaders.  They are sweet, but it's the first time I have had zone leaders that have less time than me in the mission.  It's going by too fast, and my companion loves to tell all the members how much time i have left!  Not how much I have, but how I only have 4 months....left.  Wow, it's too weird.
Anyway, I do love it here.  It never stops raining!  It gets super hot, then the wind starts to blow,  everyone freaks out, and then it pours!! haha I love it!
Well mom to answer some questions.   Yes I got the package with the sunflower seeds and Jerky.  Not the card yet, but hopefully soon! haha
Well guys I do love you! I hope all is well!
Today we are going to play soccer... don't worry mom, I'll be careful!  It's cool, were gonna play on an official field with turf.  It's gonna be awesome!
All my Love,

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