Monday, June 24, 2013

Elder Crump

Oh hey family!  How is it going?  So just as a heads up, I still don't know when we will have our P days.  I think it might go back to thursday, but I dont know.  Tomorrow the offices will be officially done.  Today we are going to take our p day and tomorrow we will go back to the office...I'm a little bummed, but excited to get to work, because their is still so so much to do before Saturday when the new president comes.  Wow, it's so crazy! 
This last week we had our goodbye devotional with Presidnent and Hermana Blunck, boy was it sad.  We made this video of them, with pictures of them as teenagers and when they got married.  It was so funny, and we put a bunch of missionaries in the video telling them thank you for all you have done.  They were crying in the end.  It was such a spiritual expirience.  Then they gave us all gifts.  The guys all recieve a white tie with their names on the back saying Misiòn Perù Lima Norte and they gave all the sisters veils.  So pretty much it was a super trunky gift, and they said that these are for our future weddings.  And then president was like and some of you will be able to use this tie in a couple of months, and he looks right at me and some more elders from my group and started laughing! haha anyway it was a great expirence, and I really am going to miss them.  So we also got to see the new Misson home...and holy cow it is so nice!  It is like a mansion!  Seriously!  A masion in the Jungle!  Its got like 7 bedrooms with 7 bathrooms.  Patio with a BBQ pit and outdoor ping pong.  A pool, yes I said POOL!  A gym! Huge kitchen.  It has a little courtyard, and a bunch of little gardens!  It is going to be so nice when we go over there for dinner! haha  Were gonna have some great mexican food! 
So, I'm so happy that Elder Collins is in the Jungle! He isn't in the same area I was.  He is in Moyobamba, and I was in Tarapoto.  He has to fly into Tarapoto and then take a 2 hour car ride to get to Moyobamba.  His zone is the prettiest of all the jungle.  He is going to love finishing his mission there! 
So some more new about the missionary work.  So like it says in the Subject, references are the best!  So this week we have received some references from the sister missionaries, and we have found like 4 new families.  One is Wilder and Maria and they have two little kids.  Wilder wants to be baptized.  He has met with the missionaries before and has read the Book of Mormon and has prayed about it.  The only problem is, they are not married and his wife is a really strong Baptist!   Anyway, we have been working with them and they came to church for the first time and they loved it. Even maria.  She said that she felt something different.  And in this past week she has noticed that her church is missing a lot of things.  Like just last night, she wondered what had happened to the Prophets because they had the now she is doubting her church!  So hopefully all goes well!  We also have another family Evelin and Jorge, Jorge is a less active but he wants to come back and his wife wants to be baptized.  The only problem is they are in the process of him getting divorced from his first wife.  So we will see how that goes.  And there are many others that we have found and are all preparing to be baptized in July.  This week we haven't been able to find Cristian because he has been work all week from 7 am  to 10 p.m.  But his mom just told us that tomorrow he finishes this work and will be free again!  So things are going great for us.  This next month many people will be baptized.  We cant wait!
So today is a holiday here in Peru.  It's called San Juan.  Its were everyone remembers John the Baptist or
Juan el Bautista.  And they remember what happened to him, and how he got his head cut off.  So the Peruvians in the Jungle make things called Juanê,  it's pronounced (Huanay).  It's like a ball of green rice with chicken and hard boiled eggs all wrapped up in palm tree leaves and then tied up into a ball that represents John the baptists head that was cut off! haha man they are crazy! haha so all day were going to be given Juanè.   Haha, the good thing is, it's actually really good.  But after your 4th Juanè, you get kind of sick of them! haha
So i have yet to recieve my card yet...Hopefully, it comes!  But I will let you know when!  So mom I'm so glad you did a great job on your lesson!  You always were such a good teacher!  I bet you had treats! haha

So thats weird what happened to the Phone.  I glad you, Rin and Brady have done so much to save all the stuff!  Thank you mom your the best!
So like I said this might be our last P day on Monday, so I dont really know what were gonna do today...We might go this week or the next to this place called Quistacocha.  It's this outdoor zoo place that's right in the jungle where everyone is going to make me eat live suri!  It's this jungle worm!  Plus they are going to make me face my worst fear...they are going to make me hold the big snake and take pictures!  I'm kind of freaking out...But we`ll see what happens, haha.  I will be sure not to look too scared when they take the picture! haha

Well family and friends, I do love you guys!  Devon, that is so awesome about your call! You're gonna rock it! I'm so proud that your heading out!! 

All my Love,


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