Monday, June 3, 2013

Elder Crump

Dear Family and Friends,
The time has come.....I finally made it to Iquitos!  Wow, its been such a long wait!  First off, it's blazing hot here! haha but its so cool!  I never realized how much I miss that first feeling when you step off the plane and the Heat just smacks you right in the face!  And then you take a breath, and its FRESH AIR!  Wow, it's awesome!  So right away, we went to the old pensionistas of Elder Collins, and boy do they love that Kid!  They are happy that I'm here, but they still wanted Elder Collins! haha they said it's my job to get him to come back!  haha oh boy I'll be doing a lot of praying and fasting!  But no, I'm not worried!

So things went great our house is nice, and the offices look so good.  They are slowly putting all the computers and supplies in so its not quite ready, so that means for a couple weeks I get to be a normal missionary and work in my Area!! I'm so happy! It's gonna be a blast!  Just the other night we found 5 new investigators with 2 new families!  It was awesome!  Our área has parts of the city, but we are on the river, and the houses are on stilts on the wáter and we have to walk on planks to get to them.  Things are going great, its so nice to see all the people here in Iquitos. There are some elders that I haven't seen for over a year!  It's awesome!  Well, I just want to let you know that for a couple weeks I think monday will be my p day until the offices get ready!  So when you guys can respond back and I'll get on later today or tomorrow to see what you said!  I love you guys and I'll write more when we get all settled in!

P.S.  I ate an alligator burger and it was awesome!!
All my Love,

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