Monday, June 17, 2013

Elder Collins

Haha! imagine how i feel! So on Friday afternoon we went to the offices to pick up some forms for the weddings and President Blunck was there doing final interviews with couple of missionariew. He said hi to us and gave us a hug and just said " Well, elder Collins will be receiving a transfer to go to the jungle so that he will be able to see his brother before he leaves." Wow i didnt expect him to say anything because he never says the transfers! I think he knew i was dying to know. Im leaving tomorrow in the morning like at 11 the time here and im going as zone leader to Moyobamba! Its a zone thats in a district thats called San Martin. The most jungly out of all the jungle zones in the mission. Im pretty excited. My companion is from Honduras, elder Osorto. Well.. at least thats what ive heard. Im pretty excited to go there. Its one of the hardest zones to baptize in the mission but im just grateful to finish in the jungle. Since ill be zone leader ill be able to go to iquitos once a month for zone leader conference and see crump and also Sisinio. That will be great. I heard that i fly to tarapoto first then i go in a two hour car ride to moyobamba then another half an hour to my area. I gotta buy some anti nausia pills our something. I think ill be traveling alone too.
          This week was a good. Week. As a zone we already have 19 baptisms which is a record in Comas! I feel good to be able to leave the zone the way that it is. In preach my gospel it says to always leave your area better than you found it. My goal when i first got here to Comas is that Comas could be the best Zone in lima and that people would be happy to get transferred here. It was a lot of work and i know Heavenly Father helped a lot but i feel like we achieved that goal. Comas right now has the most baptisms in the mission and not just lima this month. My comp is happy for me that i get to go to the jungle. He wants me to see Myles too. His new comp thats coming is kind of a punk but i know he will do great. Im of course sad to leave my area. The ward here is so incredible but they are happy for me too and are all inviting me to eat haha!

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