Monday, June 17, 2013

Elder Crump

So right off the bat I want to wish Dad a HAPPY FATHERS DAY! I hope it was the best day!  You really are the greatest dad ever! I love you so much! Thank you so much for your example!  You really are the Mr. Incredible!

So like I said the changes have come!!!  Drum roll please......................................................................................
Elder Collins is coming to the JUNGLE!! He isn't coming exactly to Iquitos, but he is coming to the Peru Iquitos mission.  I am so so excited!  I don't want to say exactly where, but lets just say he might say hi to my ex pensionista! But the most important part is, I will get to see him every month, and we will finish together!!  He should know by now!  Man it has been so hard not to let him know! I have know forever, and I have been avoiding calling him!  He is seriously going to love where he is going its one of the prettiest places in all of the jungle!
Anyway, this week has been a good one!  We have been working so hard, and the members love us and are giving 0references like no other! Last week we met up with a reference named Cristian.  He is 29, and his mom is a member.  He has never been too interested in the church, but now he is wanting to learn more.  Seriously, our first lesson with him was amazing!  I have never met a person more prepared to hear of this message that we have.  He had all the right quesitons and knew that there was a true church out there, with Prophets and Apostles.  He said that he has been to other churches, but knew that they weren't the right ones for him.  He says that there is so much that out there, and I have yet to find it.  We explained to him our message of the restoration, and he just was like, Baptize me.  This is it.  So we invited him, and he asked us if it was ok if we knelt down and prayed about the message.  I was just starring at him with my mouth wide open.  So he got down, and he said such an amazing prayer.  When he finished he just waited, and then he gets up and smiles and says yes that day sounds perfect for me, what do I need to do to prepare?  So here I am still on my knees just astonished!  It was so amazing!  Then that very same night he came to our ward activity, and the next day came to a baptism to see how it was.  It was so crazy!  Everything was going perfect until Sunday.  He had planned on coming, but he got caught up with his friends and with all the partying on Father's day, he drank.  It was sad, and because of that, he didn't want to come to church. He said he felt bad.  So this week we are going to really help him understand the Word of Wisdom.  It makes me sad, but you can't blame anyone who doesn't know its bad.  He has been so prepared to hear this message, now we just need to help him make the changes and feel the power of repentance. 

So, I still havent gotten the card yet, but I can Imagine this week it will happen.  Plus on saturday all the supplies, desks, computers came, so today they are going to put together the offices.  Hopefully this Wednesday, we will be able to get in and get everything ready!  It's going to be so nice.  The offices look great!  So nice, and everything is brand new!
That is so cool about Devon!  I am so proud of him.  He will be an amazing missionary.  The testimony that he has gained during this time will truly blesst the lives of those in Colorado!

Well family, this next week is going to be amazing.  Pray for Cristian, to help him make these changes in his life.

Oh yeah another fun fact, I am now the District Leader of the Office Elders, haha plus they put the sister missionaries in my district as well.  And now there is only going to be 4 Missionaries in our ward.  The sisters and us.  They took out the other two!  So it's going to be great to have our own area!!  Can't wait!

All my Love,


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