Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Elder Collins

  Wow im one blessed missionary. Hey family hows everyone doing you all enjoying the summer?! Well im officially in Moyobamba. Only after being alone in a 2 hour flight delay then a hour flight with a rough landing then a 2 hour car ride from the airport in winding mountains i made it! Its awesome here. Its really green and is what i had always pictured what the jungle maybe would be like before knowing it. It really is so beautiful and its a lot more cleaner than Iquitos and a million times more than Lima! 
    So first of all my comps name is Elder Osorto from Honduras. He is the only comp that i have had where i had met him before. he is a good guy and we get along well together. He wasnt super focused as a zone leader before i got here but thats alright because we are going to change that together. Our house is really nice, especially for being in the jungle. 4 of us live together. The other two Elders who live with us are E. Rafagnini and E. Duarte. Im the only gringo but that doesnt even matter to me anymore because sometimes i forget that im a gringo anyways. We dont have a pensionista so we cook our breakfast and dinner. Funny thing...i realized i dont know how to cook. Always thought i could but ya not really. I just bought some packs of pastas and have been cooking that. Also i now give thanks to mom for teaching me how to cook an egg. I do like cooking my own food but i just have to learn how to cook. My area is a branch. Ive never been in a branch before so its intresting working here. The mission is a lot more involved in things with the branches here. Im excited to be here to be able to still work hard. Moyobamba is kind of like how Comas was when i first got there so looks like i gots some more work to do..again! haha I think that its good and its the Lords way of keeping me busy. Im happy that im still zone leader because once every month ill be going to Iquitos to zone leader conference so ill be with Nick. Also ill be able to see sisinio. Yesterday wasnt my Pday so thats why im writing today. We had the farwell of President and Hna Blunch yesterday. Wow it was soo sad for me. It was impossible to fight back the tears. I didnt want them to go. They both kind of gave us there last trainings and advice. They also gave us a white tie with there names on the back and the name of the mission to use in the temple at home. I love President and sister blunck and am so grateful for all they have done for me. It will be wierd with the new Pres. The new president comes on friday i think. We dont really know anything about him yet. We had to go to tarapoto as a zone in a two hour bus ride. So far in my travels we have killed a dog a pig and almost hit a cow. haha. Well hope your all well and doing good. I love you! love reg. 


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