Monday, February 13, 2012

Elder Collins

Family and others who decide to read this magical blog ive heard about!
Que tal? First of all Happy 21 years mom and dad! So this week..honestly i cant remember a whole lot from this week. I know we are like so close with 8 people to getting baptized we just have to teach a few more lessons and give a interview or two. So this week Elder Araya straight up told me he is trunky. Ive have just been trying to push along and get him out of the house and make sure we dont go back to our house until dinner or else he falls asleep super fast. I just told him ¨look your going home after this transfer and im staying here so im going to have to be the one who explains why we didnt get baptisms¨. I told him i want at least 6 this month. It rained here for like the first time in like two years or something and it really was just a little sprinkle but everyone here was like freaking out and talking about it! Half of our zone is different now and all the new kids are just waiting for there visas so this isnt even there mission. We played soccer with all of our zone and some other members this week. I am the only white one and I had 6 goals, ya, im a pretty big deal. So i have been doing most of the lessons myself lately i dont know if he is doing that to make me better or because he doesnt want to or what. I talked to a funny drunk guy yesterday, he just randomly pulled out a dry razor and started shaving his inch long beard. He only did about half of it and his voice kept getting really high! haha i was laughing so hard. I said thanks to a member for lunch and the drunk guy told me no problem at all. it was his pleasure! haha crazy guy. So some fun stuff about here, in the news paper they show pictures of dead people from car accidents, the little kids love saying the F word to me, hobos like to sit in during sacrament meeting and im still freaked out when a women pulls out her boob and breast feeds a 3 year old during our lessons! Thanks for the corn nuts and beef jerkey loved them I was really craving that kind of stuff! Elder Hiu ( I cant spell his name) wants to send you a letter, he sent Araya a text saying that he needed to get our address he got your package and he was so excited! I hope these packages are not costing you too much, I do love getting them I tell people its your addiction!!! I got the Truscotts Package I just sent them a letter off, in fact I am wearing the shorts right now, Thanks Guys!!!  So you havent got my package yet? Well I have sent you two now so hopefully one of them gets there. No I dont need another disk I will just buy one here. I am going to send you my other one after today because we are going to the beach to play some soccor and maybe bowling so I thought that I could get some good pictures there. Well I hope you all have a good week!  Happy Aniversary and Valentines , Love you sooo much and miss you!  Reg

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