Monday, February 27, 2012

Elder Collins

Hello Family, friends neighbors and enemies..
I had i very interesting week. So my comp really likes doing exchanges lately and its just so he can party with some of the other missionarys in our zone. We had two last week and i have one tomorrow. Also he planned the last one on my last day with him. Not going to lie it kind of hurt my feelings. So this week i was with two new missionarys. It was kind of wierd taking charge for once. So one appointment i had this week with another elder (menacho) I wasnt looking foward to. The guy is super hard to teach and has a million questions. I dont think i have ever been so mad during my whole mission! We start teaching this guy and he is just throwing off every possible question but the answers to them are all in different lessons so i kept saying just let us do lesson one and over time we can answer all of them. So the new missionary doesnt know quite yet how to teach well so he just went off and i eventually just stopped him and was like take it easy. So this guy keeps telling me he knows the bible and that he only believes in the bible. He wouldnt except any verses from the Book of Mormon. So we were doing the lesson just with the bible. I already knew that this wasnt going to work out because of the feeling i got when he said he didnt want to read the Book of Mormon. The president of the CCM said if an investigator doesnt want to read the Book of Mormon dont waste your time they are not ready to recieve the gospel. Im trying my best to do this lesson and he just randomly throws out the most ignorant questions and comments. One really ticked me off. He said he doesnt attend our church because the members listen to music other than church music. He said a lot of it is bad language and lyrics. I said that was true and that the gospel is perfect not the members. He said its our gospel so its not perfect. After finally sharing the first vision he says "i dont believe that happened" and i said well thats our invitation to you to just read these verses in the Book of Mormon and pray and we promise you that you can no its true. He said that he wouldnt read but that he wanted his questions answered. Freaking idiot. He then just started bashing on the Book of Mormon and that just set me off. I was ticked. So i told him thanks for your time and that we cant teach you if you dont want to read the Book of Mormon. I started to leave and the new missionary with me panicked and just started whipping off scriptures to try to save the lesson which was already impossible. The investigator looked and me and said he knew that i knew the Book of Mormon wasnt true and thats why i was trying to leave. I wanted to kill him, i was so mad and all i wanted to do is beat the crap out of this ignorant man. One funny thing about the lesson is that he kept saying he knew the bible, so i gave him a scripture to read. After he read it he said this was true because it was out of the bible. Well he didnt know the bible because i gave him my Book of Mormon that had a cover on it so he didnt even know. I never realized what Joseph Smith meant by saying "the Book of Mormon is the Keystone to our religion" until my mission. If a person will just read, ponder and ask God if the Book is true then thats all they need. If the Book of Mormom is true then Joseph Smith was a prophet, this church is true and it is the church of Jesus Christ who visited the Americas and established his church on this earth again!! Well I am baptizing that boy on Sat. who is my number one fan and on Sunday we are going to baptize that girl who has the baby and lives with her boy friends parents. Today I just want to relax, its Carnival so the last two nights there have been huge parties outside our house with the loudest music in the world and just a ton of drunk people so i havent been able to sleep!  Tell Myles to sacrifice 80 bucks for the limo, next year he doesnt have to but junior year he's got to go all out. Think more of the girl then yourself, unless your not going to get a kiss then you should just walk her to prom! Tell him to find out the color of her dress as soon as he can and I will try to send him a cool watch to match it ! Well I have to go, but I Love you guys and hope you have a great week!
The one picture is of me on top of a mountain after a service project and the other one is of the party going on outside my house.


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