Monday, February 20, 2012

Elder Collins

Hmm..lets see this week. Well we went to the beach last Saturday and got lunch and took pictures and let me tell you. Lima south is where its at! Its exactly like California down there! i honestly thought i was in new port the whole time. Well i had my first dream in Spanish. It wasn't much i just was at some house and i was talking to people then i said the opening prayer so it was kind of cool. So I don't know whats going on but we just found out the Garcia family have been separated this whole time and pretend like they are together when we come visit. Kind of bummer. But they still want to be able to get baptized so we will see what happens. We have this other family with a mom and her daughter and son who were hard core catholic and they just liked arguing with us and we were going to tell them the next lesson that if they don't want to keep our commitments and pray then we cant teach them anymore. Well they were at church this last Saturday and the mom said she prayed and had the most amazing dream of her life and she wants to be baptized! crazy! Speaking of church yesterday, during the second hour the bishopric came in to our room and said you guys know your speaking in sacrament meeting today right? Are you kidding me!? Well long story short i panicked, prayed and gave a really good talk. Im sure you could tell i was nervous by my voice but the talk itself was good. Well we have a baptism this Sunday. She is 19 and she has a baby and her boyfriend is a member, but just recently decided he doesn't want to marry her and her mom kind of kicked her out so she is living with her boyfriends parents who are really supportive and help her out. Its incredibly hot here right now! I sunburned my neck I guess I better start using sunscreen! We are playing soccer today on a real field! I am excited One of our investigators Eric works there and is letting us in, he is cool I hope we end up baptizing him! Oh I promise I will send my card this week! Sorry I just keep forgetting! Max thanks for the letter! Anna thanks for the skittles! Myles thanks for finally asking that girl,( the picture of me giving a thumbs up is for you!) Sam whats up baby! Do anything cool lately? I'm glad you liked the coins! Just know that I love you guys and hope you have a great week! Love Reg

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