Monday, February 20, 2012

Elder Crump

Hey guys!!  How is everyone doing!  Im so happy to hear that Mom had an excellent birthday!!  Dad you are so good to her!!  Im jealous, Massage, movie, shopping with lots of presentsssss, jazz and sushi!!  Ha ha what could be better!!  haha  So last week sorry i couldnt send pictures, my computer froze!!!  I was so mad!!  It cut my time by like 15 minutes!!! Ahh so hopefully it will work this week!!  So this past week has been awesome!!  Elder Olguin and i have really been working well together!!  Its been a little stressful, because he gets a little distracted, and doesnt really talk to people. So since they know me they talk talk talk, and i can only understand about 70 percent of what they are actually saying!!  Haha its getting better though!!  Haha i dont know why he wont talk, he actually speaks and understands spanish!!  Haha ill work with him!!  No but i love the kid!  I know he is my trainer, but sometimes i feel like its the other way around!!  Its definatly been a great learning expirence, taking on more responsiblity!  I learn more and more everyday, and now it has come to the point that i dont have fear to talk to people.  I may not know the all the words, the correct grammer, or even how to pronouce it right, but that doesnt matter, as long as the spirit is there our investigators will understand! 
So funny story.  So yesterday we were walking back from our lunch, and every sunday carnival is crazy.  So we were walking down this one road filled with tons of people, and all off a sudden everything goes quiet.  We stop and look around, and everyone is staring at us.  Then one kid yells, GRINGOS!!!!  And seriously about 50 kids, teens, and even adults start chasing us with buckets of water, and water balloons!!!  It was so funny!! They chased us for about 3 blocks!!  Haha it was so intense!!  They best part was how they though elder olguin was white as well!!
So our investigators, are being difficult!  They are progressing on the teachings, but like i said before they arent coming to church!!!  And this week, we had a lot of cancelations so we really didnt teach many lessons this week which is a little frustrating!!  But on the plus side it gave us more time to contact, and recieve new contacts.  So about isabel.  We found out some interesting info on her, and its gonna be a while before she can get baptised.  Stuff with chastity and other things.  They didnt get married, because i guess they actually arent together.  They dont sleep in the same bed, but they live together.  Its confusing but we need to know more information before we can set dates!!!
Maritza and nelson dont have a date set. Maritza went out of town so she didnt attend church, and nelson hasent accepted a date, but he has attended church 3 times!  He loves church!!  So hopefully tomorrow we will have a date for both of them!!  So they date we are really striving for is march 10.  Our whole zone has baptisms set for that day, and we are doing one gigantic baptism service, and its called Noche de Blanco.  If we have enough baptisms our leaders want to take a picture and send it into the liahonna and have them do a story on it!!  Hopefully we will have baptisms set! 
So this weeked was a little bit hard.  On Friday i felt a little sick, and it really was hard to get up and work.  I could of slept in but, i know that by being obedient i would be blessed, and heavenly father would help me.  It was a difficult day, but i made it through!!
So to wrap it up, the other day we met with the contrellas family. Eduardo and Regina.  They have been investigators for 2 years.  It was good because we were able to find out why they havent been baptized yet.  They have doubts, and really havent been taught a lot.  2 YEARS!!  I looked through their progress sheet, and they hadly have been taught anything!! So we really are going to work with them and get them so start making commitments!  They cant be investigators forever!!  Thats what has been difficult about being in this area.  I look through the area book and i see a lot of investigators, but the problem is they have kind of been forgotton.  I look at the dates, and some say last lesson was 9 months ago!!  What happened? Even just the ones that havent been taught in 2 months are sad!!  I read what the elders have said about them, ¨This family is amazing!¨ ¨They have such powerful testimonies!¨ i cant wait for whats next with them!¨ So many great things were said, and a lot of lessons were taught, and then one day they just stop!  I understand that people move, or other things happen, but i want to find out for sure!!  It doesnt matter if they were my contact, or a contact from 2 years ago, we are all special, and are Gods children, and deserve the oppourtuniy to learn of these things, and come unto christ.  I wont let these people be forgotton.  I know that Heavenly Father will bless us to find them, as well as new contacts. I truly am loving it here.  Its amazing that even in one of the hardest weekends, because i was sick, i still had the spirit with me and i was able to realize and find these people in the book!  I truly do love it here!!
Im so glad Mom and Kenzie had great birthdays, im sad i missed them! 
Also i am soooooo jealous of dads birthday present i have always wanted to go to those two things!!! 
I love you so much!  THank you for everything!!!  Stay safe, and know you are always in my prayers!!
Also look out for my letter, there is some good stuff in there!! 
All my Love,

 This is the lady who my Uncle Kent baptized from Nick's last email.

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