Monday, February 6, 2012

Elder Crump

Hola familia y amigos!!
How are all of you??  So this past week has been crazy!!  But first off ill answer some questions: I got the valentines package, and the one with the faris bueler t shirt, haha i loved them!!!  The pictures were awesome!!!  Thank you so much!!!  Elder Cieza got his visa, sorry i forgot to tell you!  I am actually NOT being transfered!! Only Elder Blas is, which means i have to be the one to know the area, the people, and where everyone lives!!!  Im so nervous!!  I have only been here for a month!!  But I know this is for a reason, even if it is right in the middle of my training!!  So im getting a new comp tomorrow from the Jungle, i dont know him yet, but im excited!!  As nervous as i am, it will be a great expirience, and help me become a better missionary!!  Heavenly Father will bless me, i have nothing to worry about!!  So back to this week!  So since elder blas knew he was leaving he has been really trying to get me to feel comfortable to be the leader!!  Which was really frustrating!!  He pretended all week that he was a new missionary!!  So in lessons, planning, and contacting he hardly said anything!!  Im not gonna lie, i was really mad a him sometimes, but whenever i felt that way, i just said a prayer, and just remember to always love your companions no matter what!!  But as difficult as it was some days, it really was a great training expirience!  So we commited 5 people to baptism this week!!  2 of them actually have dates, and the other 3 were working on that!!  Hermana Maritza, and Hermano Miguel, both are planned to be baptized on Feb. 25, that is if they come to church this next week!  And Pedro, Tomas, and Nelson all want to be baptized but want to learn a little bit more!!  But this week we´ll have dates for them!!  Also we got like 5 more investigators.  Magaly, and Paolina (Sisters) Hermana Milagros, and Gipsi, and Joshua (Siblings)  It was a good week!!  So we this week we visited the marco family!  Hermana carmen, has like 4 daughters, and they all have kids.  They havent been to church in 9 years!!  They are so funny, all of the ladies have such diva personalities.  Haha so we had family home evning with them, and after we played games.  We played the flour game, and right away i lost, so i had to stick my face in the flour to get the Skittle out, haha they loved it!  So when i was in the bathroom cleaning up, i heard that Hermana Rosa lost next so i ran out to see her have to do it, and all of a sudden she throws flour in elder blas´s face!!  So we all got into this huge flour fight!!  It was so funny!!  We were covered in flour!!  It was the best Noche de Hogar!!  Haha and to top it all off, guess who came to church the next day?  The Marco family!!!  They have been inactive for 9 years, and all it took was a family home evening, a flour fight, and of course the spirit to inspire them to come back to church!!  Heavenly Father is truely blessing us out here!!  Oh yeah also so on our way to church we were going to pick up Hermano Nelson to come with us,and when we turned the corner to his house he was outside waiting for us!!  He was all dressed in church clothes, hair combed, had a tie on, and holding his B of M!!  I have never seen such an amazing sight!!  A new investigator, actually excited to attend church!!!  THis week has been awesome!!  Also its carnival this month so its a constant water fight with all of peru.  Great.  Im tall, im a missionary, and im white...I am going to be the main target this month!!  Haha yesterday i got hit with a waterballoon!!  Its already begun!!  haha but it felt good, its soooo hot here!!
Mom im sorry i didnt tell you i was sick, in the ccm  i didnt want you to worry, and dont worry i got all the medication from the ccm presidente´s wife, and i got better!!  I promise i wont keep secrets from you again!!  I havent seen reg latley just at our training meetings.  But we are emailing eachother!!  I truly am loving it here!!  Im so happy the GIANTS won, haha i hope all of you are doing good!  And are safe!!!  Your always in my prayers, and i miss you all!!  Im sad to hear about Hudson, i hope hes ok!!  I love all of you so much thank you for everything!!! Have a wonderful week!!! 
All my Love,


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