Monday, February 13, 2012

Elder Crump

Family!! how are you? I cannot believe its already p day time has flown by!!! So i got a new companion! His name is elder Olgiun, and he is from chile!! He has been out for a year, and he is awesome!!! He looks like hes white though!! Everyone thinks he is from the US! haha! So Tuesday was our cambios, and i had to go to the offices with Elder Blas, and then wait for my new comp. At this point i knew nothing about him, only that he is coming from being the the jungle for 7 months! So the assistant paired me up with another elder to wait with because the flight from the jungle wont get in until later that afternoon. So i went with Elder Herrnadez, and guess what he is in Reggies Zone!! I wanted so bad to see him, but his house is really far away!! So i didnt get to see him, but we talked about him, and he says he is doing good, and i told him to give him a big hug for me!! SO here is the crazy story!!! So when i was with elder herrnandez, we went to his pensionistas house for breakfast. When we walked in we just sat down, and started talking with one of the kids, and then his pensionista came in and she said hola, and looked at my name tag, and sreamed, and grabbed her heart!! I was like what the! She then asked if my dad had served a mission, and i said yes he served in uraguay, she said An Elder Crump Baptized me when i was 14 years old 31 years ago!! I was like in Uraguay? She said no in Columbia. She is orginally from Columbia, and she said his name was Sherman Kent Crump!! I was like thats my uncle!! She started freaking out!!! She was so happy!! She said that because of him her life has been so blessed for being a member of the church. Her whole family is now members, all very active, she is in the primary presidecy. How AWESOME is that!! Who would of thought that the person who baptized her, his nephew 31 years later would be in the mission where she lived!!! It was the coolest thing ever!! We spent the next hour talking about Uncle Kent, and she said that she has been trying to find him for years, but she could never find im anywhere!!! She went on about how unclel kent was so dreamy, and his blue eyes were to die for!! haha SHe is so happy to hear he is doing good, and has a family of his own!! Way to go Uncle Kent!! SHe really want to talk to you so here is here info: Facebook: Consuelo Narvaez Baptized in Barranquilla Columbia Nov. 10, 1981 4:30pm Your comp was Elder Lee, and it was Rama el Cevillar. Isnt that crazy!! it was an awesome day!! So after that Elder Olgiun arrived around 4 and its been going good ever since!! Its a little difficult because i kind of have to be the senior comp because he really doesnt know anyone still, but its getting better!! Its been a great learning expirence because in the future i will be the senior comp, and now i will know what to do!! So our investigators are going great!! They are progressing with the lessons, and learning about the doctrine, but their attendence in church is not good!!! We really just need to focus on getting them to church!! We still have our one baptism set, that is if she still is getting married this weekend!! Pray for her, Hermana Isabel. Also we are commiting 2 more for the end of this month the 25th Nelson, and Maritza. I truly am loving it here. This week i have really been blessed, i was so nervous i wasnt gonna remember where people lived or where, our lunch appointment was, but through a lot of praying, we found our way everyday, and we havent gotten lost!!! Oh yeah Happy Late Birthday Kenzie!! I hope your birthday was the best!! And Happy BIrthday MOM!! I love you so so much! I am sending a letter for you today so hopefully you will get it on you birthday!!! I hope you have the greatest birthday EVER!! You mean so much to me! As well as all of you! Thank you for your prayers, your love, and your support!! I am so grateful to have all of you in my life!! Oh so yesterday i had to give a talk in sacrament!! AHH scary, but i actually did pretty good, elder olgiun helped me with my grammer!!! Haha I love you guys so much!! I cant believe korb, and bron are leaving that is so crazy!!!! Im so glad landon did good in his talk!!! I miss you guys everyday, but im loving it so much being out here!!! I dont know if ill be able to do the walmart thing mom, sorry i just
dont have too much internet time, but ill try next week!!
 All my Love,

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