Monday, February 27, 2012

Elder Crump

Well this week has been a busy one!!  It seriously flew by!!  Its so crazy just yesterday i hit my 4 month mark!! What the!!!  I swear that I just got out here!! Haha  So how are all of you?  Your letters, emails, and packages are amazing!! I am always so happy to hear that you are all doing good!!  So this week was amazing!!  We have 3 people with dates for baptism!!  But its not any of our investigators we have been teaching!  They are all new!  The first one is Kelly.  She is a reference from the ward.  She is amazing!  She has attended church 3 times before we started teaching her, but she didnt really understand, so thats where we come in!  Our first lesson was awesome! We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and she loved it!  She wanted to whatever she needed to do.  So right there we commited her to baptism.  She said yes!!  And at first when we commited her for March 10 she was a little nervous, and asked if we could move it back.  It was amazing the spirit was so strong.  I was able to say you know not everyone is fully ready to get baptized.  No one is perfect, and no one knows all the doctrine.  But what you can do is pray to our Heavenly Father for an answer.  We can sit here all day, and tell you all these things, but when it comes down to it, you need to pray and ask God for yourself.  That is the only way you can know if it, is all true.  It was intense, but so spiritual. She then said ok.  Yes lets do it.  I´ll pray tonight.  So we commited her to pray, and to read the pamphlet on the The Restoration for our next lesson.  So met with her 2 days later, and one of the most amzing things had happened.  She followed through on her commitments, and Prayed to our Heavenly Father.  She said without a doubt I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!  She said she couldnt explain how wonderful of a feeling she recieved, and she is so ready and cant wait for March 10!  I was so amazed!  It was incredible.  She has gained such a powerful testimony, in such a short period.  And not only did she read about the restoration, but she took notes, and looked up scriptures.  She pretty much knew the whole lesson, probably better than i know it!  Haha she loved the first lesson, and the Book of Mormon!  One of the greatest things i love to look for, is their eyes when we give them the book for the first time.  They light up, and for just a split second you see them get a little watery, because they know what they are holding in their hands, is powerful, it is true, and it is directly from God.  She is the perfect investigator!!  Thank you Barrio Independencia!!
So Our next one with a date, is Gipsi!  She is the daughter in the Marcos family!  (The family we had the flour fight with)  She was a little confused at first, but when we taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how it was restored, she loved it!!  Hopefully she recives an answer like Kelly!  But she is preparing for March 10 as well!! 
Our Final is really new!  So this past thursday we were on cambios again, and E. Castro was with me in our area.  We were just doing some contacting, and we met this kid, Juan.  He is 17 years old and is kind of a rebel, but he wants to be better.  He is an Evangelico, Sorry i dont know what the name is in english.  But anyway we taught one lesson with him, and he loved it!  The spirit was so strong, and right away we were promted to ask him.  He really wants be baptized, but learn more!!  The only problem is his parents are being very difficult. Everytime we call him, his dad answers and starts yelling at us, and says to leave his son at peace.  Ugh its frustrating!  He really wants to learn, but his family doesnt let him!  Hopefully their hearts will be softened.  I am praying for him more than ever!!  It really has been such an amzing week!!  Our other investigators are progressing, but very slowly.  Only 2 came to church this past week, so we really need to focus on attending church!
So more about whats going on!  So my comp is awesome, him being new has really given me the oppourtunity to step up and be the leader.  I now do all the paperwork for the investigators, and the paperwork for the ward.  Its been difficult to learn, one its all in spanish and i have to write in spanish, and B no one taught me so i had to kind of figure it out.  But its all good!  Dont worry mom everything is all good!  Im feeling better!!  It was just something i ate.  Haha
Oh yeah so just this past saturday we were contacting, and we really werent having any luck!!  But then we came to this one house and the lady was like yeah lets talk!  Where are you from!  You speak english?! Let me go get my cousin!!  Ahh snakes!!  haha but it was good we had there other guy cousin there as well when we taught them the lesson!!  It turned out really good and they want to learn more! 
So to answer some questions!
Creamy peanut butter please!!
Thank you for the addresses!!
I havent gotten anything yet, but ill keep my eye out!
Not even the christmas card!
Im so happy korbs doing good!!
Hey guys i really love you so so much!!  I am so grateful for all of you!!  I learn more and more everyday!! I have been so blessed and i truly love being out here!!  Pray for our investigators, they need all the help they can get!!
I love you so much!  You all are always in my prayers!!  Good luck Bren with the interview!  Im praying for you bud!!
All my Love,


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