Monday, February 6, 2012

Elder Collins

Family! Wow that seemed like the longest week of my life! I wont lie my comp is extremely trunky! at the beginning of the week i took advantage of it and wasnt getting up right when my alarm went off, not really studying and just let was lazy for the first two days. I felt like crap! Never again. Its hard because i know when i only have 6 weeks left im going to be probably the same way. But i decided to go elder Calhoon on his butt and go to work. there was one moment during the week were i almost just gave up on the day because of my stomach was so bad and just wanted to sleep. I remembered we are happier doing Gods will rather than our own so even though i wasnt too excited about it i got my comp and we went to this guys house we met the other day and he ended up being sooo cool and he can speak english because he worked on a cruise and he wants to be baptized and change his life. Right after we walked out of his house some guys chased us down and said his brother wants to be baptized. Then later we got a call from the office who got info from a lady who just walked in and said i want to be a member!! what the freak!! are you kidding me!! Elder Araya said he´s never had anything happen to him like this before and to think i almost just gave up on the day! We have a potential of 10 baptisms this month!! The Garcia family is awesome and they are working to get married this week. I decided they remind me of GMA and GPA chase. they just have some of the same characteristics as them! maybe thats why i love teaching them. well this week i still have explosive diarreah and im not liking it at all! It is soo  hot here right now! Today is transfers (my first one!) there was a rumor going around i was getting transfered to the Jungle but im staying here til araya leaves but some of the guys in my zone are going to the jungle today. The only other white kid with me is getting transferred to the jungle so we are all going to this plaza thing and there is a Burger King there so we are going to eat all the fast food we can get! I wish so bad that they had Coke Slurpees, wow I could use one! Tell sam I am so proud of him and I wish so bad that I could of been there Sat. I keep thinking about him all day Sat. So the Picture I have for you is me on my roof it kind of shows a little bit of the city I am in. I live in an area called Payet. Did you guys get my package? Thanks for the valentines packages I love all the stuff!   Question? are you and dad planning on picking me up? I wont lie it would be awesome but at the same time there isnt really lot to do here, but maybe when I get to the Jungle I will change my mind, I would love to show you the people but its really expensive!  Well I am off to eat all the fast food I can find today! Have a great week! Tell everyone I love them so much! Reg

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