Monday, January 30, 2012

Elder Crump

How are all of you?  I hope you are doing great!!  So this week has been amazing, along with every week out here, but this week rocked!!  So Its all started out amazing when i recieved the best packages in the world!!  Thank you mom, i got everything in the big white one like you said!!  Seriously just the other day i was saying how much i missed peanut butter, and beef jerky!!  And little did i know that my mother was inspired!!  Thank you i loved all of it!!  Especially the calender! That is so cool!!  I love it, and the book!!  You really are so amazing thank you soo much!  So this week has been awesome!  We recieved a bunch of packets from the mission to give to are recent converts.  I cannot tell you what an amazing expirence that was!  There is something about it when you recive your vary own set of scriptures!  Every single person we gave a packet to was so happy, and the spirit was so strong!  They are all doing so good!  The Gozmen family is doing incredible!  They are all coming to church, dressed in church clothes, and are all showered up and clean!  Hermano Royelio recived the Aaronic Priesthood on sunday, and i was such an amazing thing to see!  There family is active in the church, and now he holds the priesthood keys!  I couldnt of asked for anything better!!  So We went to visit hermana Isabel, and when we went is we had originally planned to teach her about eternal marriage, but right away she told us that one of the Johovahs witnesses came up to her, and gave her one of their bibles!!  At first we were like shoot, oh no, but the spirit was there.  She said she didnt have one of our books so she wanted one of theres!  The reason why we havent given her a B of M is because she cant read!  So i pulled out a libro, and said here lets trade!  Haha she was so happy!  So now she is going to read it with her daughter who can read!  Haha so now we have a Jehovahs witness bible!  haha its so crazy, apostasia!  Haha also she is getting married on Feb. 18 , and We commited her to baptism for Feb. 26!!  Im so excited!! 
So the other day we went to the family palomino, they are the family that live on top of the mountain, and have a bunch of crazy kids!  So they are recent converts, and we orginally went to go teach their 21 year old son, miguel but he wasnt there!!  Ugh so we started to give a little message to the fam, and then he walked in!!  We were so happy!!  So we went right into the restoration, but the problem was the kids were being so crazy, that the spirit wasnt there, so it was difficult!  So i said a prayer to please allow the spirit to be there, and suddenly all the kids ran out of the house and started playing outside!  So we shut the door, and the spirit flowed in! haha its amazing what a simple prayer can do!  So the lesson went awesome, and we asked him and he really wants to follow Jesus Christ, so he is getting baptized!!  Im so excited!!  We dont have a date, yet because he couldnt come to church because he works, but its ok we will work with him!
So I went on another exchange the other day, this time with The Zone Leader, Elder Purvis!  He is white, and from American Fork Utah!!
It was so much fun!  He is such a stud!  The two gringos together at last!!  It was really so fun!  So many people came up to us, haha we didnt have to knock on hardly any doors, the people contacted themselves!!  It really was a great expirence to go with him!  I learned a lot, and i actually felt really comfortable in teaching, and we taught in unity which was awesome!!!
So I learned how to cook!  One of the ladies in the ward, was running late on making our lunch so we decided to help her!  Haha i offically know what it takes to be a peruvian!  Haha it was fun!  The food is good here! Tons of rice with chicken, pork, steak, fish, lots of potatoes.  Soups of all kinds! Its really good!!  Im always so full!!
So funny story, so last night elder blas and i were really hungry, our lunch that day wasnt a lot of food, so by 6 o clock we were hungry again!  But we couldnt buy any food, because it was sunday, so we decided to go see Hermana Maria!! She is like our mission mother, she is always asking how im doing, feeding us, and making sure that we are always happy!  She reminds me so much of you mom, i love it!  She really is so sweet!!  So i actually was perfect, we went over there and her husband was home, and he is less active so we taught him a little lesson, which was so spiritual, and amazing!  Then she made us food!!  Haha she is the greatest!  She gave me her number, so that when im transferred, if i ever need anything i need to call her! She said: no matter where i am, nothing is impossible for Hermana Maria to do!  Haha
It really was such an amazing week! I love you all and i am so happy you all are doing good!!  Im glad to hear spencer went back!!  What happened?  Also i am so happy for Korban!!  He is such a stud, and is one of my best friends!  He is going to be an awesome missionary!!  I cant wait to hear from him!  Give him a big hug for me!  I love you guys so so much! Thank you for everything you all are amazing!!! 
I cant believe the 49ers lost!!  Ugh  Well im rooting for the anyone against the patriots!! haha
You all are amazing I love you so much!!
All my Love,
P.S im sending a little package home, Look out for it im sending it today!!  I hope you like it!!


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