Monday, January 9, 2012

Elder Collins

First of all i would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SJ! im sorry i meant to send it in the last email so it wasnt late but i guess i just forgot! i hope you had a great birthday. when are you getting baptized?! well this week was a lot of walking and teaching! we have like 6-7 families that we are teaching right now and some of them are so close to baptism but just need the parents to freaking get married!! well last week we sent our clothes to the laundry to get cleaned and when we got them back i was missing my new strippling warriors shirt, two church shirts and two pairs of shorts! are you kidding me! freak. we ended up not going to chilis you could i was kind of sad..there might have been a few tears shed and i felt like i had just broken up with the love of my life and that i was told i would never walk again...kind of like that haha! i got the chase calander. i love looking at pictures. it is so hot here right now and wearing church clothes makes 10times hotter. im have a constant sweat going on and im so worried that im dropping pounds like crazy! when i showed our family picture to the Gutierrez family they said i look a lot skinnier now. crap. ive been pounding that rice but it doesnt do much. so i guess i got to rely on my peanut butter stash! ya im still in a trio. this is probably the last week tho but who knows. E. Araya is a little trunky right now and im not going to lie its making me a little trunky! i honestly cant wait for time to start to fly like dad said.  hmm ya i was wondering about that blog. hopefully you edit out my personal stuff! Well i had the most stressful and crazy day so far yesterday. So right as i finish my morning prayer our pinsenista knocked on our door saying there was a boy yelling for us outside. me and E. Araya ran down stairs and it was Luis Gutierrez (he´s 17) drunk. As soon as he saw us he started bawling and just came over and started hugging us. He was saying he hates his mom and he ran out last night and had been out all night doing who knows what! Well we told him the best thing for him to do is go home and talk to his mom. he didnt want to but he did. So we went to church and i just kept getting a feeling we needed to go check on them right then instead of at 4 like we planned. just then E. araya got a call from the mom and he couldnt understand her but she sounded upset so elder terry stayed with the ward mission leader and we ran up those steep steps as fast as we could. ( keep in mind we had been fasting and it was almost our 24 hour mark so i felt like i was going to pass out!) anywho when we got there Luis was trying to run away again and his mom was trying to get him to stay. So me and Araya walked him back inside sent to family upstairs and talked with him. He didnt want to listen but we talked anyway. we said a prayer with him and he was still a little drunk and had been out all night so we finally convinced him to take a nap. once we knew he was really asleep we went upstairs and just talked with the mom! haha a 19 year old kid giving parenting advice. i just told her to love him no matter what and to let him know that. we said another prayer and we returned later at 4. Luis was sober and his girlfriend was there. Araya did a great job about teaching them how to do 3 compliments before 1 negative comment. Luis said he didnt think it was possible for him to change but that he wanted to. We said thats all you need is that want to change and you just need to take action. i just told him he has to start praying so we had him say a prayer. they were sitting at the oppisite ends of the couch and i just told them that i want to see some i love yous and a hug! they did and the mom just started to cry and they both were saying sorry and that they love eachother! i was like heck ya!! i told them that my dad always talks to me after we have a big arguement and its always better after and thats what they need to do. so ya there baptism isnt until 2 sundays. and the mom is really working on asking the husband to get married so that they can. and there daughter Rubi came up to me and asked if i would be the one to baptize her! well im sorry this is so long but im sure you guys dont mind especially mom! we email every monday at 10 so its 8 there so if your online one day that could be cool. right now since im the zone leaders comp i get extra time! i love you guys so much! im sending a package so be ready for it. love you so much and thanks for all that you do for me constantly! oh and where is my sister? i didnt talk to her on the phone and i think i have only gotten one christmas letter from her. love you so much and family and pray for you constantly! reg

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