Monday, January 30, 2012

Elder Collins

Well this week i did a lot better with homesickness. its hard but i guess im just starting to realize hey im a missionary and thats way cool. my friends are all going to be missionarys and i have more support then i have ever had in my entire life. Im glad dad told me to read my partiarticle blessing because it helped me a lot and it had been awhile since i read it. it talks a lot about how Satan wants me to go home and i can definitly feel that. i told myself after i read it that if he is trying so hard to get me to go home then that means i really am meant to be here and do some work! So that is what I am going to do! So this week Elder Terry finally left and its been kind of wierd having only the two of us. I have been in a trio since the mtc so its definitly a lot different. i think that i like it more though. so some stories of this week. First on friday for lunch we ate at this really old ladys house who is an investigator and her son is a member and she made up cow intestine! it actually was my second time eating it and the texture and flavor is chewy and gamey. but i just swallowed it in whole chuncks so that i would taste it to much. but about a half an hour later when me and elder araya ran to the bathroom because we have both had diarreah this week. i had just flushed and it hit me so hard i turned around and just started throwing up like crazy. About 10 later the same thing happended to araya so i guess that was some bad cow intestine. we both kept throwing up so we called it a night and just took turns the rest of the night using the bathroom! it was our pinsionistas birthday this week so we made her a card with a pic of us and a picture frame and i gave her some american candy like lifesavers. haha she put them in the fridge! haha. but she was way greatful. so we are teaching this awesome couple who have a son who is a member and he has been telling his parents this church is true forever. they are an older couple and super nice. so they visited church two sundays ago and after told the bishop they wanted to talk to us. so later that night he just told us he could tell us the church is true just by attending and praying and he asked when they can be baptized!! we were like wow what the? haha slow down we gotta teach ya first. we have taught them twice now and the second time i freaking owned the lesson. my spanish wasnt great but i was able to answer every single question. i was so happy! there the garcia familia! So the last couple of days Araya is freaking trunky! Its so hard for me to get him to wake up or leave his guitar but once we get out he works way hard, but i still love him. ha ha the missionary who delivers my packages every monday says he wishes my mom sent him something. ha ha so you should slip candy or something in my next package with a note to be funny! Well thank you so much for all the packages and all your love and support I can really feel it!!!! Love you so much and have a great week! Reg

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