Monday, January 2, 2012

Elder Crump

Wow its has finally come!  I am actually out in the field! No more fake investigators, or long boring hours in a classroom!  Its real this time an i am so excited!!  The area that I am in is called independencia!  Its totally in the Ghetto, but i honestly love it!  When i first got here i was freaking out a little bit, and i was really nervous! But once we got started knocking on doors, and beginning to teach the lessons all that fear, and anxiety went away!  I loved meeting, and talking to new people!  Its difficult because i feel like i know, no spanish but its ok everyday im improving!  So even though I was having fun, and feeling the spirit, I still was feeling a little homesick at times. I kept praying to Heavenly Father asking why here. Why peru.  On friday night i know heavenly father answered my prayers!  It was about 8 pm, and out 8 o´clock appointment got cancelled.  So we decide to go contacting for another hour!  We started down the street, and all of a sudden a woman came running up to us, and was like (In spanish of course) Elders, elders do any of you speak english, my uncle is american and he wants to talk to you guys!  So with a big grin on my face, i say i do!  So we walk into their house and we find out that her uncles name is Bob Duffy from New Jersey, and his wife is peruvian, and they were just visiting her family because her father had died.  He said that he has met with the missionaries before and loved what they taught him, and he wanted to know more, but for the some reason the missionaries werent very helpful, and all of a sudden just stopped coming to see him!  So ever since he has been wanting more missionaries to come, but none has.  How perfect is this!!  So i at this point am jumping for joy because not only have we found someone that actually want the lessons, but i get to teach them in ENGLISH!! haha it was so awesome!  I just dove right into it!  We began with a prayer, then i started asking him questions about what he already knew, and if he had any questions about anything.  He started asking about joseph smith, and the athority, and stuff about why adam and eve had to sin. Get this so during personal study i decided to read more about joseph smiths life, and more about how the restoration came about!  I had no idea why i wanted to study it, but i just did! IT WAS PERFECT!  All his questions he asked me i honestly had just read about earlier that day!!!  It was so amazing!  So after that we went into the first discussion, and it was awesome!  It was funny because my two comps just sat there and smiled while i talked!  It felt so good! haha our placed had switched for once! Haha so after i bore my testimony about all that i had taught him, (i wanted to talk more about the book of mormon, but i only had spanish copies, but wait... for some reason this morning i put and english version in my bag for who knows what reason!  I had bought it in Provo and i forgot that i even had it!  So i introduced the book of mormon to him, and had him read the introduction, and moroni 10 3-5, and he loved it!  So i was able to bear testimony, about all that i had taught him, and how i know that this church is true, and he said he was so happy!  He said he had been wanting this for so long, and he had no idea that an english speaking missionary would be in Peru!  He said just from me being here this church has to be true!  IT was the coolest expirence of my life! We are meeting with him a couple more times before he heads home!  Wish me luck!
I know why i am supposed to be here!  Not just for Bob, but for all the people that have been praying to know the truth!  I am so excited for whats next!
So guess what else we already have 4 baptisms for this saturday! Actually 6 but i didnt teach the other two.  First is the Gozmen family.  They Whole family was taught, they have 4 little girls, but only one of them is over 8 so its just her and her parents!  They are so nice, and it was so cool that they are already gonna get baptized!  The other is a boy named Josuve (Ho-Sway)  He is 10 and is a little punk, but is funny!  Its so awesome!  I cant believe its happend so fast!! I will let you know how they go!
So new years eve is so crazy here!  All day people are going crazy!  It was so funny, and at night the party began!  We were in our rooms and all of a sudden the fireworks started going off!  Its was like 1130 at night and there was no way we could sleep!  So we went on the roof to see everything.  Imagine the best finale of a firework show you have seen... got it, now times that by like 1000! Every home had their own finale going on for like an hour!!  I felt like i was in a battle zone!!  It was the coolest thing every! Kind of scary though because fireworks were wizzing every direction, but its ok im alive!  The partying lasted all night!  Haha and in the morning i saw like 30 people passed out all over the city!  Haha  I honestly am loving it here!
Fun things to know-
They give us so much food here i think i have gained like 20 pounds!
I ate monkey butt!!  I had no idea until after!  But it was actually way good! haha
I still havent gotten the package, but i asked the zone leader and he says it just takes time!
We play soccer like 3 times a week in the mornings for our work out!  Its so fun!
We get to go bowling for our p day today so i am excited for that!
My apartment looks like a dungeon when you first walk in! haha
But the good news i havent gotten sick yet!!! (knock on wood)
Alright guys i love you all!  I miss you tell me more about what going on!  How are rinne and brady. Anything happen yet. Keep me updated!!
All my love,

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